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1 pagermaking one page weebly site builder

Step 1: Create all sections you want for your one page page using Weebly sections element. Step 2: Add 1 Pager to any page on your Weebly website (the page which you want to become an One Page). Step 3: 1 Pager will add a new menu to the pages you add it. (You can choose to replace your default menu with a new one page menu or use a one page. Welcome to 6th grade at Brownsburg East Middle School. We are so excited that you are part of team 6-1! Please use this homepage as a resource for finding homework assignments, important announcements, and links to websites that will be helpful this school year. One-Pager A One-Pageris a way of responding to a piece of writing on a single sheet of paper. It represents your own written and graphic interpretation of what you have read. It may be very literal (just based on the facts or information in the piece) or it may be a symbolic representation of the piece. It helps you as a. A curated collection of 7 one page blog websites for inspiration and references. Each review includes a full screenshot of the website design along with noteworthy features. These are real niche One Page blogs that promote simplicity and faster UX with AJAX loading content within the same page.


When creating a website with Weebly, you might want to use a unique domain name that you have purchased elsewhere. Luckily, there is an easy method to point your custom domain name to Weebly, which we will cover in this article. Warcraft 3 patch mirrordownload free apps.

Let’s get right to it.

Pointing Domain Name to Weebly

To point your Hostinger-hosted domain name to Weebly, you simply have to follow the steps below:

  1. Locate and access DNS Zone Editor from your hPanel.
  2. Since Hostinger already has A Records pointing to an IP address, all you need to do is to Edit the @ host and change it to (Weebly’s IP address). Hit Update once you’re done.

The hard part is over! You have successfully pointed your custom domain name to Weebly. However, keep in mind that the DNS changes may take up to 48 hours to take place.

Changing Domain Name on Weebly

Once you have pointed the domain name to Weebly’s IP address, it’s time to assign the domain to your site:

  1. Open Weebly’s editor and go to Settings -> General ->Site Address, and press Change.
  2. A pop-up window will appear. Choose connect or transfer it now.
  3. Enter your domain name, select Connect your domain, and choose a pricing plan. It costs at least $5.00/month to use a personalized domain name.

1 Pagermaking One Page Weebly Site Website

That’s it! If you experienced any issue following this tutorial, contact your hosting customer support and they will gladly help you to point your customized domain name to Weebly.


1 Pagermaking One Page Weebly Sites

1 Pagermaking One Page Weebly Site


1 Pagermaking One Page Weebly Site Page

There you have it! In this quick tutorial, you have learned how to point a custom domain to a Weebly website. All you need to do is change the DNS record from the hPanel, and then enter the domain into your site’s settings. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

Leave a comment below if you have any questions.