5 Ways To Improve Your Website

  1. 5 Ways To Improve Your Website Without
  2. 5 Ways To Improve Your Website Fast
  3. 5 Ways To Improve Your Website Without
  4. 5 Ways To Improve Your Website Page
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5 Ways to Make a Website More Than Just a Website. When businesses first started using the Internet for marketing, the goals were simple. 5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Website's Performance When clients initially come to HB Jamaica, our team always makes a point of asking them if they are satisfied with their website’s performance. 5 Super easy tips to improve your website. There are many ways that you can improve your website, but here are five simple things that you can do to not only improve the way your website looks, but help your visitors have a better experience while they are visiting.


Creating a website for your business is no longer an option. It has become a necessity for any business. Businesses, particularly on the ecommerce have to do some tough work in terms of generating more leads, tracking customers, and converting visitors into regular clients. Now, how you do that is not complicated actually. It’s actually simple, if you follow the rules. This article looks at the many different ways you can increase your conversion rates and see a surge in your business revenue.

1. Call Tracking

5 Ways To Improve Your Website Without

Firstly, you need to know the consumer location. Send each source to dedicated landing pages with unique phone numbers. By making use of call tracking, you will be able to find out which location generates the most phone calls as your call tracking numbers route directly to your main phone number. Now, if you record the calls, you can assess quality too.

2. Find Out Where Visitors Scroll and Click

When you know where your website visitors are and aren’t clicking it can help you to reposition your offers from dead zones to areas that attract clicks. A heat map tool, such as crazyegg, will not only show you where the clicks are occurring but also what traffic/referral source is producing them. This tool also shows you how far down your pages your visitors are scrolling.

This allows you to test multiple call-to-action locations and know for sure which ones are being viewed and clicked on. Insight to where your visitors are viewing and where they are clicking gives you strong data that can be used to really convert more traffic.

3. Analyze Your Google Analytics Data

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When you know what traffic sources aren’t producing conversions and what your traffic is doing prior to converting it allows you to make significant changes. Imagine if you were able to identify that the majority of your social media traffic didn’t convert? You could then allocate your social media budget into the channels that were producing results.

Fully understanding your Google Analytics data it will help you eliminate poorly performing traffic sources and scale up the marketing efforts that are driving the highest percentage of conversions.

5 Ways To Improve Your Website Fast

4. Install Live Chat

5 Ways To Improve Your Website Without

A lot of business owners assume that live chat is only good for websites that are attempting to generate ecommerce sales. Sure, answering pre-purchase questions can help save sales and chat operators can push consumers toward the sale -- but every website can benefit from this simple tool.

5 Ways To Improve Your Website Page

5. Perform a Conversion Audit


Having a full-blown conversion audit performed is well worth the expense. If you can identify problems and make changes to correct them prior to launching marketing campaigns it will reduce wasted advertising spend and give you a stronger base.