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See our Special Needs Header Page for a full list of special needs information and resources. Assistive technology is a generic term that includes assistive, adaptive, and rehabilitative devices with a focus on facilitating communication (sometimes also called Alternative and Augmentative Communication, or AAC). The simplest AAC device is a picture board or touch screen that uses pictures or symbols of typical items and activities that make up a person’s daily life. For example, a person might touch the image of a glass to ask for a drink. Many picture boards can be customized and expanded based on a person’s age, education, occupation, and interests.

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Typed text directly to speech Designed for vocally impaired and speech limited persons of all ages

Affordable, powerful Easy – Speech Generating Device: TextSpeak offers THE solution for AAC augmentative communication when you are looking for a simple yet powerful speech generation device. Perfect for speech impaired individuals, post operative patients, or as a health product solution for anyone who needs an affordable voice generation device that generates synthesized speech.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) can be used when an individual has difficulty with spoken communication. More information on AAC can be Specialised AAC services provided by Barnsley AT team. Referral for specialised AAC assessment and provision of specialised communication aids.

  • Easiest to use Augmentative Communication keyboard device available today
  • Affordable assistive speech for children and adults … simple, flexible, powerful
  • Works over speakerphone telephones, for calls to friends and family
  • Battery powered , portable; speaks with unlimited vocabulary
  • Several models with flexible keyboard choices to fit your typing skills and needs

How does TextSpeak differ and how do we compare?

The TS-04 series offers advanced solutions with a totally unique design and affordable pricing

TextSpeak lets you choose the right keyboard. Rather than offer only one size keyboard we realize every patient has specific needs, typing skills and mobility issues. We have uniquely provided TextSpeak with several keyboard options to provide laryngectomy, cancer and aphasia patients the ability choose the right keyboard; one that may differ from a keyboard needed by stroke or ALS patients. Empty spaces pink floyd. TextSpeak is the ONLY AAC provider today that offers both wireless portable AND large key keyboard speech solutions. We fit the needs of a cancer survivor who needs true on-the-go portability, or a stroke victim with moderate mobility impairments who still wants the freedom to type their words. Click here to compare keyboards

TextSpeak offers the most affordable keyboard AAC products today, by far! Our technology is leading edge and we have designed TextSpeak to be reasonably priced. The know-how to do this has been years in the making. In 1996 we were issued our first patent and in 2006 our TextSpeak speech products were deployed in space by the Shuttle Discovery. Now into the decade of 2020 we continue to focus on simple, affordable & effective products that are right on the mark.

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Testimonials and Customer Reviews

I am very happy that I could help my sister speak again after 4 throat surgeries and radiation treatments. We love your product!! Sincerely-
I think Text Speak is a great AAC device for cognitively intact individuals who are having trouble making their wants and needs known. The simplified mechanics and lack of iconic symbols makes this device ideal for the geriatric population. Please let me know what I can do to help. I really believe you have a good thing going here and will continue to recommend Text Speak for my patients who I feel can benefit from them. Thank you!
Kristina R. MA, SLP-CCCCertified Speech-Language Pathologist
I am unable to speak, in a nursing home, so I am using this constantly now. (everybody loves it). .. ,One further comment-this was purchased by a grad school professor for me who has degrees in Spanish and language history. We have also marveled that you could do the Spanish so well.
This product exceeds our expectations .. Thanks very much to you all for making this wonderful product available.

PRC is a global leader in AAC solutions for people with speech disabilities. From our U.S. headquarters and subsidiary companies in the UK, Germany and Australia we serve AAC clients in more than 25 countries. Nearly 50 years ago PRC pioneered the use of technology to improve the lives of people with communication challenges. Today our solutions are enabling thousands of children and adults each year to achieve independent and interactive communication regardless of age or disability.

AAC Communication Solutions

Our communication solutions offer advanced functionality and user-friendly features, making communication fast and easy. Featuring the Accent™ 1200, Accent™ 1000, Accent™ 800, Words for Life™ NOVA and a popular suite of iPad apps based on the Unity® language system.

The most Powerful, Flexible Vocabulary Programs

PRC is the home of Unity®, a unique vocabulary system that uses a small set of easy-to-recognize pictures combined in short sequences to produce words, phrases, and sentences. PRC also offers Essence™, a simple yet powerful word-based system for literate clients and WordPower, the popular word-based generative language system developed by Inman Innovations.

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PRC is committed to supporting families, clinicians and consumers on the path to communication. We offer funding services, webinars, therapy content, technical support and access to a national network of speech-language pathologists and special educators with years of experience in the effective implementation of AAC technology for children and adults.

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