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Specifically, I recalled my favorite therapy sessions involving AAC speech therapy activities. Sometimes, you plan and plan and plan and the thing that works best is throwing aside all of those pre-cut crafts (which took hours, by the way) and carefully chosen toys (because you knew exactly what vocabulary targets you were going to use with.

  1. Whether you have the same, book, or play it without any tools, this is a fun way to practice questions. If you don’t have an AAC system you can use a language board or even just draw words and pictures as you play. Once the item is guessed then that person who guessed it correctly, goes next. Ask questions like.
  2. SLP Resources Saturday, June 16, 2012. AAC, Single Switch Activities. VERY SIMPLE Single Switch Games on OWLIE BOO.
**FANTASTIC Switch game with various musical genres. There are multiple large, bright colored circles and when the cursor moves to any of them, different music starts to play.

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Single Switch Music!!:
http://switchmusic.org.uk/Aac switch activitiesaac resources inc
Quick Instructions..
1) Place your pointer inside the circle (each page has one at the bottom).
2) When a selection page opens CLICK ONCE to activate the choose-by-clicking option.
3) CLICK AGAIN when the page you want is highlighted.

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Activity Ideas/Exchanges

AAC Intervention - http://www.aacintervention.com/
(Caroline Musselwhite Ph.D. CCC/SLP & Julie Maro, M.A. CCC/SLP)

The Wiz by Ablenet is a searchable database of great ideas for using simple AAC devices, environmental controls, and switches. Narrow the search by age, subject matter or theme, skill, and/or assistive technology tool. Although the assistive technology listed as 'materials needed' for these lessons are all Ablenet branded, similar AAC and AT devices can, of course, also be used. MPS teachers who need access to equipment for these lessons can contact the AT department.

Simplified Technology - http://www.lburkhart.com/

The web site for Dade County Prekindergarten programs offers a great selection of materials made using BoardMaker software. Selections include interactive storybooks, activity-specific boards, behavioral and social displays, and class routine supports. Once downloaded, they can be modified using BoardMaker v.5 or higher. There are also versions created to fit on a CheapTalk 8 display. MPS teachers who need assistance in downloading or using these boards can contact the AAC department

Speaking of Speech - AugComm
Speaking of Speech.comis an interactive forum for speech/language pathologists
and teachers to improve communication skills in our schools by:

  • exchanging ideas, techniques, materials, and lessons that work,
  • finding out about materials before you buy,
  • seeking and giving advice on therapy and caseload management issues, and
  • exploring a myriad of helpful resource links.

MayerJohnson (Boardmaker)/Dynavox
BoardmakerShare is the perfect community for finding thousands
of Boardmaker activities on hundreds of topics. Now, the redesigned
BoardmakerShare makes it easier than ever to share Boardmaker activities,
and find the groups who are using them along with you.

Explore activities categorized by therapy, school curriculum, communication
and/or by grade level.

BoardmakerShare.com provides you with opportunities to:
- Find thousands of free Boardmaker activities.
- Connect with others who use the same resources that you do.
- Browse activities, groups and friends at a glance.
- Take action with the activities you like using easy-to
understand buttons that make your next move easy.
- Manage your PrintEditor or Boardmaker Plus Player subscriptions.
- Membership to BoardmakerShare.com is free, and so are most of the
available activities. It's easy to join - just visit BoardmakerShare.com,
register and before you know it you'll be learning, sharing,
connecting, and collaborating with other Boardmaker enthusiasts! Get
started today.

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Dynavox Implementation ToolKit
A new comprehensive training program!
The Implementation Toolkit is collection of video and print-based
resources created to help you facilitate successful interaction using AAC.

Enabling Devices
Single message ideas (i.e., Big Macks),
Dual message ideas(i.e., iTalk or Say it Play it)
Multi message communicator ideas (i.e., CheapTalk)
Sequenced device ideas(i.e., Step by step or Sequencer)
- 101 Ways to Use a Sequential Message AAC Device to Access the

Prentke-Romich Company (PRC)
Teaching Materials Exchange; Create a free account to access free place
to share innovative ways to teach language at a variety of age levels, from
preschool to adult. The ideas are contributed by speech-language
pathologists or educators who specialize in augmentative communication.

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You may browse and download materials by using the menu on the left.
All materials are provided in .zip compression format.

Tobii - ATI
Pages from the Field. Downloadable, preprogrammed, pages for use with
individuals with Tobii Products

Page Set Central - The central idea of PageSetCentral.com is to Give and
Take! Together we will help each other to make a difference for people with
special needs. Any pages you care to submit may be valuable to somebody
else, and nothing is too small to share. We've all, at some point, been in the
same situation: having found a great new tool that has a world of
possibilities, but having no idea where to start!