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A study was conducted to examine the influence of secondary school students’ access to guidance and counseling services on school life, attitude towards studies and career choices. The study used descriptive and correlation designs with both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Data was collected using selfadministered questionnaire from 152 students; and interview guide to 16.

  • Requested Services and this guidance aims to help clinical commissioning groups identify these in their areas. The guidance includes a Designation Framework which sets out a process commissioners are recommended to follow in order to assess which services should be Commissioner Requested Services.
  • Guidance on Services During Restricted Access to Schools and Community Services. NTACT is aware that state and local education and service providers are challenged by the current health concerns, closings,restrictions, and fluid reoping plans associated with COVID19.
  • The Comprehensive Guidance and Counselling Program: Lawrence Delbridge, Guidance Consultant (retired) Patrick Kakembo, Director, African Canadian Services Sister Dorothy Moore, Consultant, Mi’kmaq Services Bill Spears, Guidance Consultant, Student Services David White, Regional Education Officer.


  • Effective access to justice services is a crucial determinant of inclusive growth, citizen well-being and sound public administration.
  • The rule of law, security and justice influence economic performance, and business & investment climate.
  • Countries with trusted justice systems report higher levels of GDP per capita, property protection rights and national competitiveness.
  • Legal certainty, predictability and businesses’ trust in justice systems help positive investment decisions and promote competition.


  • Costs of unresolved legal and justice needs are borne by citizens, business & society.
  • When citizens legal needs remain unmet, this can have adverse effects on other areas of their everyday life, e.g. income, housing loss, health, or employment issues.
  • Unequal access to justice further undermines equality in society, particularly as disadvantaged and vulnerable groups disproportionally experience legal hardship (e.g. family law, consumer finance).
  • Unresolved legal disputes (e.g, family, racial, employment, housing) can lead to further legal, social and health-related problems and costs.
  • The inability to resolve legal problems diminishes economic opportunity, reinforces the poverty trap and undermines human potential and inclusive growth.


Unresolved legal needs can have a negative knock-on effect for businesses. The most common negative impacts include:

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  • loss of income,
  • the incurring of additional costs,
  • damage to business relationships,
  • loss of reputation,
  • damage to employee relations.
  • businesses ceasing trading.


  • 50% of citizens had confidence in their justice system whilst 35% in the national Government.
  • Preliminary OECD analysis suggests important relationships between the trust in justice institutions, quality of legal systems and trust in government.
  • Access to the judicial system improves trust in society & public institutions by providing safeguards against misbehaviour.
  • It helps ensure executive accountability, thus stimulating private sector growth in compliance with outlined regulatory frameworks.
  • Evidence suggests that countries with higher levels of trust in justice tend to be perceived to have greater government accountability.


Access to justice, as well as being a central element of SDG 16, is crucial to implementing many of the other SDGs:

  • SDG 1&2 - Rule of law and effective access to justice mean that labour contracts and environmental standards are respected which can increase farmer incomes and productivity.
  • SDG5 - Women, who often face multiple forms of discrimination, violence and sexual harassment, are particularly affected by legal exclusion.
  • SDG 14&15 - Access to legal help can help communities to secure rights over common land, giving them more control over their livelihoods and greater incentives to preserve their environment.
  • SDG 16 - Promote the rule of law at the national and international levels and ensure equal access to justice for all.


The OECD seeks to better understand, track and help to improve effective access to justice for all citizens. We will do this by:

  • Identifying the measurements for effective access to justice.
  • Identifying good practices.
  • Understanding people's legal needs and the justice pathways they take.
  • Policy dialogue on the quality, responsiveness and accessibility of justice services.
  • Understanding the links between access to justice and dimensions of inclusive growth (eg. health, employment).
  • Conducting reviews and developing implementation support for the delivery of people focused justice services.



A New Guide Shows the Way Forward on Expanding Access to Justice

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Launch of Gender Equality in Colombia: Access to Justice and Politics at the Local Level
Virtual event, 15 July 2020

OECD Roundtable on Equal Access to Justice
Lisbon, Portugal, 27-28 March 2019

World Justice Forum VI
The Hague, Netherlands, 29 April - 2 May

OECD Roundtable on Equal Access to Justice
Riga, Latvia, 6 July 2018

Understanding Civil Justice Through Person-based Survey Methodologies
OECD-OSJI Technical Workshop- Paris, 24 May 2017

Expert Roundtable on Equal Access to Justice
Paris, 22-23 May 2017

Towards Gender Equality before the Law
OECD March on Gender Event- Paris, 10 March 2017

Understanding Effective Access to Justice,
OECD-OSJI Technical Workshop- Paris, 3-4 November 2016

Delivering Access to Justice for All,
OECD-OSF high-level event - New York, September 2016

Expert Roundtables on Equal Access to Justice
Paris, October & December 2015

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