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Mail User Guide

Use Viewing preferences in Mail to change options for viewing messages.

To change these preferences in the Mail app on your Mac, choose Mail > Preferences, then click Viewing.



List Preview

The number of lines of the message to show in the message list.

Move discarded messages into

Choose whether to move the messages to the Trash mailbox so you can delete them or move messages to the Archive mailbox when you swipe left on a message in the message list.

This setting also determines whether you can delete or archive messages from Mail notifications.

Show message headers


Show default or custom fields in message headers.

To add fields, click the pop-up menu, choose Custom, click the Add button , then enter the name of a message header, such as Return-Path.

Display unread messages with bold font

In column layout, show unread messages in bold to help distinguish them from messages you have read.

Load remote content in messages

When remote content is retrieved from a server, information about your Mac can be revealed. You can deselect the option for increased security, but some messages may not display correctly.

Remote content isn’t displayed in messages that Mail marks as junk.

Use Smart Addresses

Show recipients’ names but not their email addresses (if a recipient is in the Contacts app or the Previous Recipients list, or on a network server).

Use dark backgrounds for messages

Show messages in the preview area and new messages you’re writing with a dark background (when this option is selected) or a light background (when this option isn’t selected). This option is available only if you selected the Dark appearance in General System Preferences.

When this option is selected, you can switch to a light background while viewing or writing a message. Choose View > Message > Show with Light Background. To see the message with a dark background again, choose View > Message > Show with Dark Background.

Highlight messages with color when not grouped

When conversations are turned off, highlight the messages in a conversation in the message list, to help identify them more easily. Click the color well to choose a highlight color.

Include related messages

Include related messages (those located in other mailboxes) when viewing a conversation.

Mark all messages as read when opening a conversation

Mark all unread messages in a conversation as read when you view the primary message of the conversation.

Show most recent message at the top

Display the most recent message in a conversation first in the preview area. If deselected, the oldest message appears first.

You can sort, filter, and otherwise change how messages appear in the message list.


For any Windows user, the Mail and Calendar client is an obvious choice, as when you log into Windows 10 with a Hotmail, Live, or Outlook.com address, the account is already added to the email client. To help you optimize your sales funnel even more (or even just manage your personal email), we’ve organized the 7 best desktop email clients for Mac. We’ve taken screenshots, written descriptions on features, shared pricing information, and done everything possible to make your desktop email client choice insanely easy.

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Newton, one of the best email clients for the Mac, is now available for Windows 10. Newton (previously CloudMagic) is a cross-platform email client that’s also available on Android and iPhone. Today, the company is launching its official Windows 10 app on the Windows Store, and it’s really good.

Best Mail Client For Mac 2014 Download

Best mail client for mac 2014 download

I have used Newton on my Mac in the past and recently got to try out the beta of its Windows 10 app as well. While Windows 10’s stock Mail and Calendar is pretty great, there’s a serious lack of well designed and feature mail apps in the operating system. Outlook 2016 sports a lot of features, but the app has a cluttered user-interface that’s not too perfect for many regular users. Newton is exactly the opposite of Outlook 2016: it has a clean design with a bunch of modern features.

Newton has a built-in Send Later feature that effectively lets you schedule emails to be sent later. This feature doesn’t require you to keep the app open all day, so once you schedule an email, it’ll be sent regardless of whether you have the app opened or not. Newton also includes a neat feature that lets you easily get some quick information about a sender of an email without you needing to open up a search engine. Other things like Read Receipts are also integrated but you’ll need to manually ask for a read receipt every time you send a new email.

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There’s a big catch though: Newton is a subscription-based email client and it costs quite a lot: $49.99 a year (that’s nearly the same price as Office 365 Personal). You can get to try out all the features for free for 14 days, but to continue using it you’ll have to sign-up for a $49.99 yearly subscription. If you think that’s a reasonable price or just want to try out the trial, you can grab Newton from the Windows Store below.

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