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The syllabus and curriculum for both distance learning and regular course is the same. The only difference between both of them is that students with regular courses attend lectures and practical classes, however in distance learning, students have to study at home and attend semester examinations. The Fastest growing tutor directory in Sri Lanka which connects Tutors with Students & Parents. In other words the easiest & fastest way to search teachers. The following seven schools offer free biology courses so students can get a feel for an online biology degree. Starting with these free courses, learners can decide if this is the career for them. These courses charge a small fee, but at a much lower rate than what the course would cost at a traditional college campus. Students can begin with Biology 101: Intro to Biology, which provides an.

Welcome to the Biology Department at Monroe Community College. My colleagues and I hope you will find many useful links to courses, faculty, and special programs. The faculty have a variety of specialty training and provide a wide range of courses. As well as serving liberal arts and biology majors, the department offers basic science courses for students going into professional programs such as Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Radiologic Technology, Biotechnology, and Physical Education.

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Our goal in the Biology Department is to support student learning and provide excellent teaching. We introduce state-of-the-art technology into laboratories and classrooms. Our Natural Science Learning Center (NSEC) provides a place for students to study and use models, charts, and microscopes in a supportive learning environment. We maintain a diverse collection of plants in our greenhouse which are used in several of our courses. Xl delete v1.3. The department offers a Biology Scholarship each spring semester, and we encourage all Liberal Arts Biology and Biotechnology majors to apply.

For more information, please use any of the links on our homepage or contact the Biology Department at (585) 292-2029.

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