Bionaire Clean Mist 3 Manual

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  2. Bionaire Clean Mist 3 Manual
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  5. Bionaire Clean Mist 3 Humidifier Manual
Long-Life Teflon Coated Heating Element - Easy to Clean.
Two-Level Power Settings for Variable Humidity Output.
'Microban' Anti Microbial Product Protection.
Optional Water cartridge helps extend the lifetime of heating element.

Bionaire BCM1855 STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS, CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS, Daily Maintenance, Weekly Maintenance. STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS, CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS, Daily Maintenance, Weekly Maintenance, Troubleshooting for your Cool Mist Humidifier. Integrating ict into mathematicseffective curriculum ideas preschool.

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  • Rinse with clean warm water to remove the cleaning. It is normal not to see the mist. BIONAIRE BWM401 - MANUAL 2 Instruction Manual Instruction manual.
  • Bionaire Humidifier Parts It couldn't be easier. Select your model and see a list of genuine parts that exactly fit your humidifier. We'll ship your order fast so you can repair your humidifier and breathe easy.
  • Most Bionaire air purifiers contain a foam pre-filter and either a carbon or high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. The carbon and HEPA filters can be replaceable or permanent. Before cleaning, check to see which type of filters your Bionaire uses. Carbon filters and most HEPA filters cannot be cleaned. They should be replaced when.
Long-life Teflon coated heating element in a constant level water bath.
Patented Venturi design of misting chamber requires no fan and motor.
Optional Demineralization cartridge helps extend the lifetime of heating element.
Filter's Lifetime: 2-3 Months (depending on usage and quality of water).
Filter: 1 Optional water filter WMF50.
Filling Capacity - 2.0 Gallons.
Daily humidity output - 2.5 Gallons.
Runs on one refill for up to 24 hours.
Two settings Low / High for variable humidity output.
Level of Noise:
Low - Very Quiet (below 30 dB)
High - Quiet (below 35 dB)
Maximum humidifying area (tight constructions) - 700 sq. ft.
Maximum humidifying area (average constructions) - 350 sq. ft.
Power consumption: Low - 200, High - 350 Watts.
Microban protection inhibits growth of odor causing bacteria and mold.
Removable tank with carry hadle makes filling easy.
Dishwasher safe tray eases required cleaning.
Large, easy-to-remove tank cap for ease of filling and cleaning.
Triple thermostatic protection from overheating.
Automatic power shut-off when tank empty.
Integrated control panel in the top for comfort operation.
Separate Power On and Refill indicator lights.
Lightweight portable design - easy to carry from room to room.
BIONAIRE Limited Manufacturer's warranty - 1 Year.
Width / Depth / Height: - 14' x 10' x 11'
6.0 lb.

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If your humidifier will not be in use for two days or more, or at the
1.Clean and dry the humidifier thoroughly as per the Weekly
2.Let the humidifier dry completely before storing.
3.Do not store with the reservoir cap in place.
4.Throw away the wicking filter. Do not store with wick filter in place.
Humidifiers provide comfort by adding moisture to dry indoor air.
To get the most of the benefit from the humidifier and avoid product
failure, follow all maintenance instructions carefully. If the recommended
care and maintenance guidelines are not followed, micro-organisms
may be able to grow in the water within the humidifier.
Daily Maintenance
1.Before cleaning, turn the power to OFF and unplug the unit from the
2.Lift off the tank and the housing of the humidifier.
3.Carry the base and the tank to the sink, remove the wick filter, place
in sink, then drain and rinse the base and tank thoroughly to remove
any sediment and dirt. Wipe clean and dry with a clean soft cloth
or paper towel (DO NOT use metal cleaning utensils or abrasive
4.Put the filter back in the filter supports, relace the housing, then refill
the tank with cool tap water as instructed in filling the water tank
Weekly Maintenance
Remove scale:
2.Clean the base by partially filling the base with one 8-oz cup
of undiluted white vinegar, or by using Clean-Away®solution.
Let solution stand 20 minutes, clean all interior surfaces with
3.Dampen a cloth with undiluted white vinegar and wipe out
4.Rinse with clean warm water to remove scale and the
white vinegar solution before beginning to disinfect the tank.
1.Fill tank with 1/2 teaspoon of chlorine bleach and 1/2 gallon
2.Let the solution stand for 20 minutes, swishing every few
7 8
3.Empty the tank after 20 minutes, and rinse well with water until
the bleach smell is gone. Dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.
4.Refill the water tank with cool water; replace the housing
and the water tank. Repeat ALL Operating Instructions.

Troubleshooting for your Cool Mist Humidifier

• Power light not illuminated.
• Filter tur ns brown.
• Water cloudy.
• Very tight reservoir cap.
Unit not plugged in.
Filter has not
Mineral buildup in base.
Wick Filter needs
Normal operation.

Bionaire Clean Mist 3 Filter

missing or improperly
Cap not
Your filter needs
Short filter life.
film on tank to build up.
film on tank to buildup.
to room humidity level.
Check circuit breaker or
Wait 15 minutes before
Regular cleaning of tray
keep the unit functioning
Set the humidistat to
Replace your wick filter
1-800-253-2764, or visit
Mist is invisible.
outlet grills are blocked
cap then replace

Bionaire Clean Mist 3 Manual

Tighten the cap.
(BWF65) by calling
hard water your wick
changed frequently.
Solution (DMS216),
1-800-253-2764, or

Bionaire Clean Mist 3 Manual

Replace your wick filter
1-800-253-2764, or visit
Refill using cool water.

Bionaire Clean Mist 3 Humidifier Manual

higher or lower setting.

Bionaire Clean Mist 3 Humidifier Manual

pertroeum jelly to cap