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Things you’ll need: a trial copy of TransMac, a USB flash drive with at least 8GB of storage (16GB is recommended), and a copy of OS X (DMG file). Now that you have all the necessary ingredients, you’re ready to make a Mac OS X bootable USB using the DMG file of the operating system with the steps below. Now windows user can download the macOS Mojave dmg file and they can use it to create bootable USB. And keep one more thing in your mind, if you visit any site download macOS Mojave iSO, then the flash won’t be bootable correctly. Insert the USB drive into an available port on Windows 10 PC and then open UUByte DMG Editor. Click the Next button next to the Burn option. Click the Browse option and then select the macOS Big Sur DMG file and open it. Make sure the correct drive (USB) is selected and at last click Burn. Wait for a while until the. Burn DMG File to USB on Windows using TransMac This is a very effective tool, TransMac, if your Mac system has become unbootable, and you have Windows alone as alternative. The tool is compatible with all Windows OS, like 10/8/7/XP/Vista, etc. Method 2: How to Burn DMG to USB in Windows 10 (Bootable) Since Windows doesn't natively support DMG files, you will need to first download and install a utility that can handle such disk images. The best software for the job is WizDMG, a Windows-based desktop solution for authoring Apple's disk image files in a non-Mac environment.

For those who don't know, DMG files are mountable disk image files for Mac OS, just like ISO files of Windows OS. DMG files are generally found to be compressed and encrypted. Since it is Mac OS compatible, so it is easier to burn it to USB using a Mac platform. In fact, you can do that with in-built utilities. But when you are about to use it on a Windows system, you would need extra help of either offline third-party tools or online tools to do the job.

In this article, we will show you 5 ways to burn DMG files to USB using both Windows and Mac OS platform.

Part 1. Burn DMG to USB on MAC

This method may vary depending on which Mac OS version you are currently running, but the overall concept is same for all. The in-built disk utility on Mac is ideal for burning DMG to USB. Once the DMG is burnt, the USB drive, now bootable can be used as an installer on any other mac System.

Step 1. Navigate to the following pathway: Application>> Utilities>> Disk Utility.

Step 2. Click on the Disk Utility option to run it.

Step 3. Insert your USB drive and check if it appears on the left side of the Disk Utility operating Window. It means the drive is recognized by the system.

Step 4. Now open a Finder Window and browse to locate your DMG file. Drag the file to the Disk Utility Window.

Step 5. Now specifically select the file by clicking on it, and then click on 'Burn' option from the same Window.

A pop-up will appear, select the USB drive as your destination drive and click 'Burn' again to proceed.The process will take some time depending on the MAC os version you are using. Once done, take out the USB for later use.

Part 2. Convert DMG to ISO First then Burn to USB

In this approach, we will perform the task on Windows platform. To do this, we would first convert the DMG to ISO file format, since this is the file format Windows fully support. Then use any free ISO burners to burn ISO file into your USB drive. You can do this task using certain online converter as well. But we would use command prompt (command line interpreter of Windows OS) to do the job.

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Step 1. Make sure you have the DMG file ready in your computer.

Step 2. Press 'Windows + R' to get the 'Run' dialogue box. Type 'cmd' and hit 'Enter' to get the black command prompt dialogue box.

Step 3. On the black screen of cmd, type the following syntax and hit 'Enter': dmg2img.exe {source file.dmg} {destination file.iso} .

For instance, dmg2img.exe c:Apple.Mac.OSX.v10.7.Lion.dmg c:mac.iso. The processing will take some time. After that, the DMG will be converted to ISO.

Step 4. Finally, you can use any freeware ISO burners, like PowerISO, ISO editor, Free ISO burner to burn the ISO file to your blank USB drive.

Part 3. Burn DMG to USB on Windows using UltraDMG

UltraDMG is a great tool that can seamlessly write DMG file to USB drive with the booting information and make it bootable. It's a fast and effective way to create a macos bootable installation drive. Apart of the DMG burning option, it also provides 'Extract' option which allows you to extract any files and folders from DMG file to computer. In the aspect of software usability , for those users who are not particularly tech-savvy, WonderISO has eliminated the hassle of performing lengthy and confusing steps. This is a third-party tool which can do the job both on Windows and Mac OS. It can not only burn DMG files to USB, but it can burn various other files formats like ISO, RAW, IMG, ZIP, BZ2, etc. It supports multiple disk image burning at the same time, which is quite unusual. Regular software updates are available from time to time. For your queries, professional team for customer support is available.

Step 1. Download the tool for sure from its official website to get the authentic one. Install it with on screen guidelines. Run it by clicking 'Run as administrator' from the right-click sub menu. On the first screen, you will be presented with two options to choose: Burn and Extract. Click on 'Burn' option.

Step 2. In this screen, Insert your USB to any free USB port and wait till the device is recognized.

Step 4. A new Window will pop-up. Here browse to select your DMG file from the computer directory, mention the USB drive to store the burnt image, and finally click 'Burn' option to start the process. The progress can be seen by a progress bar.

When it is done, take out the USB drive and insert your Mac computer. You can boot your Macbook from this USB drive by clicking the option button during bootup and select this USB drive.

Part 4. Burn DMG to USB on Windows using PowerISO

PowerISO is another third party tool which can burn Mac os DMG to USB drive on Windows 10. It can compress, edit, burn DMG files apart from ISO files. You just have to make certain changes to the tool's default settings to bring about the change. Apart of DMG file, it's also a great tool to process ISO image, CD/DVD burning and other process.Make an image and modify the preferences your ISO is prepared to use.

Step 1. Download the tool from any free software distributing sites to the computer which stores the DMG file.

Step 2. Insert your USB drive to any free USB port. From the tool main interface, click on 'Tools', and then 'Burn' option.

Step 3. When a new operating Windows turns up, set the burning speed to a optimum value that your hardware can handle. Click on 'Burn' once more to initiate the burning process.

The third method is recommended if you don't have much experience with command prompts and ISO burners. It is an easier and direct approach. You don't even have to get an additional ISO burner to do the job, since it is in-built. So UUByte DMG Editor appeals to novices or beginners.

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A DMG file refers to a compressed number of files stored in Mac OS operating system. Think it like similar to an ISO file in Windows operating system. Unfortunately, DMG files are not supported in Windows operating system and neither could you create nor extract a DMG file in Windows operating system. However, in any inexplicable moment if you find yourself in a situation where your Macbook is broken and you need to create a DMG file in your Windows operating system then you can certainly accomplish this task by using a third party software that we are about to introduce in this article.

Burn dmg to usb windows

Other ways to create a bootable USB drive from a DMG file in Windows is to convert it into ISO image file which is a supported file format in Windows to make it conventional and usable. We will be sharing all these tricks, so continue reading this guide without any hesitation.

Method #1: Convert the DMG File into ISO Image File

Like we mentioned before, one of the standard file format in Windows computers is ISO image files. However, since we cannot extract files from DMG file in Windows computers, first, we will have to convert it into a compatible ISO image file. Then further, we will create a bootable USB drive using those extracted data. It sounds complicated but if you keenly follow the below guidelines then it could be lot simpler and definitely plausible.

Step 1. Press 'Windows + R' button in your computer to open the 'Run' utility.

Step 2. Type 'CMD' and press enter to launch the command prompt application.

Step 3. Locate the directory of your DMG file in your PC. For instance, if it's saved in 'D:' Drive then simply type 'D:' then enter. Now, the command prompt will fetch all files from the 'D:' drive of the computer.

Burn Dmg File To Usb Windows

Step 4. In order to convert the DMG file to ISO, you will have to run the following command –

Burn Os X Dmg To Usb In Windows

hdiutil convert /path/bootablefile.dmg -format UDTO -o /path/windowsimage.iso

Note: Replace the: bootablefile.dmg' to the DMG file name in your PC and the 'windowsimage.iso' to something appropriate to your requirement.

After this, use any ISO to USB burning tool to make a bootable USB installation drive.


  • File could be severely damaged.
  • Booting process may not go through.
  • USB flash drive may corrupt inexplicably.
  • Programming knowledge is absolute necessity.

Method #2: Create A Bootable USB from DMG using UltraDMG

UltraDMG is the best and most powerful utility to create bootable USB drive from DMG files. It allows you to manage the entire data inside a DMG file even if you have ZERO experience in this field. The user interface is simple to operate and you will find all the necessary options in the software whether it's extracting, viewing, editing or even copying a DMG or ISO file into a flash drive or CD/DVD. The data burning process of UltraDMG gives the highest success rate in this entire industry and that's why it's the perfect software for creating Bootable USB drive from a DMG file or ISO image file in Windows PC.

Unlike other methods shared in this article, you don't have to worry about damaging the DMG file. UltraDMG has been tested several times to handle these types of tasks. Every single features provided by UltraDMG is functional to its utmost level. Afterwards, the testing results with are always successful as long as you have a healthy and working DMG file. Now, let's get started with the software and its functionality.

Step 1: Download the UltraDMG tool on your Windows or mac computer, install and run it as soon it is installed. The installation process is pretty standard and self-explanatory.

Step 2. Connect the USB flash drive where you want to burn the DMG file to. Select the source folder of DMG file from your local and choose the flash drive name as well. (Make sure the flash drive is empty because the software will format the entire disk)

Burn Dmg To Usb Windows Free

Step 3. After the setup is completed, click on 'Burn' and let the software do its magic. This may take several minutes depending on the computer configurations.

Step 4. After a short brief period, the USB flash drive should be ready to use and it will be bootable by default. You may now use the USB flash drive to install the macOS in any computer or laptop.

Now, you can download the UltraDMG tool and give it a try!

Method #3: Create A Bootable USB from DMG using PowerISO

PowerISO is a third-party paid software that allows you to burn a DMG file into a USB flash drive. By default, it will be bootable, however, the price of PowerISO is absurd. It's way too expensive, so if you want to burn some cash then go ahead and use this tool.

Step 1. Download and install PowerISO in your computer by following the default instructions.

Step 2. Open the software and import the DMG file directly into the software.

Burn Dmg To Usb Using Windows

Step 3. Click on 'Tools' followed by 'Burn' to write all the data from DMG file into USB flash drive.

Step 4. Make sure to check all the required settings before clicking the 'Burn' button. After the burning process is completed, you should have a bootable USB drive.


1) Very very expensive software.
2) User interface is not friendly and complicated.
3) Choosing wrong options can corrupt the DMG file forever.

We will recommend using UltraDMG in case if you have no experience on how to create bootable USB from DMG on Windows. It’s best for both beginners and experts. UltraDMG is a useful tool too but it will burn a hole in your pocket. So, we believe the most effective way to deal with DMG files is by using UltraDMG as it’s simple and intuitive user interface makes every easier and simpler.Hopefully, you guys were able to create a bootable USB drive from a DMG file on Windows computer and if you have got any issues don't forget to contact us.

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Burn Dmg To Usb Windows

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