Checkout Boostsocial Sharing, Countdown Timer, Upsell

  1. Checkout Boost Social Sharing Countdown Timer Upsell
  2. Checkout Boost Social Sharing Countdown Timer Upsell

Shopify doesn’t allow users to edit their Thank you page. But you can use the bellow Shopify apps to customize it.

Designed for persuasion – Conversion enhancement features include – Social proof sales notifications, Product upsell and cross-sell popups, Collections for cross-selling, Smart mega menu, Related product section, Promotion countdown timer, FREE + Shipping optimized, Direct to Checkout, Optimized cart page, Geo IP currency converter. Checkout Boost Social Sharing, Countdown Timer, Upsell - This app looks like it also lets you have a countdown banner that will show customers how close they are to getting a promotion. If that doesn't work, you can also reach out to a third party expert and get them to custom create a solution for you. The 3 Functions Of A Checkout Page: Besides being a page that can collect credit card information, there are three vital and essential roles your Checkout Page needs to play: #1. Sell Your Offer #2. Eliminate Risk #3. Make Action Easy I've identified 10 things you can do right now to super-charge your Checkout Page and improve these three functions immediately. Checkout Pages That Sell: What.

You can add more sections: video, upselling products… on The Shopify Thank you page to express your connection with the customer and inspire brand loyalty for future repurchases with your business.

1. ReConvert post purchase upsell

ReConvert is a simple yet powerful app for thank you page optimization. It allows you to customize your thank you page fully & easily with a drag & drop interface.

Key thank you page capabilities & one click upsell features:

  • Discount pop ups with urgency timer (upsell)
  • Product recommendations upsell & Cross sell
  • Birthday collector
  • Reorder button (upsell)
  • Image / Image with text
  • Embedded video
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Call to action (button)
  • Post purchase surveys
  • Product upsell
  • Header & navigation bar
  • 17Track – Order Tracking from the thank you page with 17 Track order tracking widget
  • Send birthday SMS to customers with SMSBump & Tobi.
  • Reviews – display reviews from Loox, Stamped, Judge.me & Rivyo

2. Thank You Page Customizer

Thank You Page Customizer lets you choose from a variety of different widgets to quickly and easily customize your order confirmation page.

Here is just a taste of what you can do with Thank You Page Customizer:

  • Provide important product and shipping information
  • Encourage customers to follow you on social media
  • Encourage customers to share their purchase on social media
  • Upsell/cross-sell additional products based on a customer’s purchase
  • Display a coupon code to incentivize customers to keep shopping
  • And much more!

3. Thank You Page Upsell

This app helps you to add products directly on your thank you page with our WYSIWYG editor and sell more. Increase store revenue and profits after your sale.

You can design a discounted product upsell directly on your thank you page and embed it after you sell something to increase sales in your sales funnel.

When someone orders something from your store after an order is completed, on the thank you page you can offer a time limited product “upsell”. You can offer a deal to the customer after purchase. You set a time that you want to offer the discount for, the discount amount, and the product available for the upsell. When the customer clicks on the upsell on the thank you page they will also automatically have the discount applied at checkout for the new product. It will only also work for a limited time with the countdown timer. Motivate buyers to make another purchase immediately.

Checkout Boostsocial Sharing, Countdown Timer, Upsell

4. Video on Checkout

This app helps you to add a video on checkout page (include Thank you page)

5. EasyClip: Post Checkout Videos

Checkout Boost Social Sharing Countdown Timer Upsell

This app helps you to add a video on checkout page (include Thank you page)

5. Post Purchase Upselly

This app helps you to add upselling products on Thank you page.

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ThriveCart offers vendors the ability to easily create beautiful high-converting checkout pages, upsell pages, and success pages, all directly within our easy to use editor.

Where other platforms restrict you to choose from a range of pre-made designs from years ago and rarely update them (or offer you the same dated template but in different colours), ThriveCart allows you to easily tweak, customise, and update to what works now, all using our powerful editor.

What’s more, you’re not restricted to just what you can create, ThriveCart’s unique feature set includes the ability for you to share and import checkout and funnel designs from other vendors using the platform. We even have a curated gallery of high-converting designs for you to choose from [coming soon].

In this article, we look at sharing your designs, but if you’re looking at importing a design, see this article.


Sharing your checkout (and funnel) designs with other people

If you have a great looking checkout that’s converting well for you, you may wish to share and help the community and offer them a copy. How to bind port to ip on mac for minecraft server. Alternatively, you may be building funnels for your clients and their own ThriveCart accounts and you want to easily share with them funnel designs that will work well for them.

You can easily share your checkout and funnel designs in a couple of clicks.

You can share your design from both the Checkout > Design tabs (where you can import a design too) or from the Get URL page, for example, below.

When clicking the ‘share my design’ button, you’ll be shown a new window where you can select what pages to include and fields to enter information about your design.

Checkout Boostsocial Sharing, Countdown Timer, Upsell

The minimum that will be shared is the checkout page, but you can opt to include the upsell pages from the funnel (if enabled on this product) and also the success page.

You can give you design a name, choose how your name will appear to those viewing the design’s preview, and then enter some information about the design, such as who it’s aimed at, and what’s included.

Checkout Boost Social Sharing Countdown Timer Upsell

Checkout boost social sharing countdown timer upsell

Finally, you can click the Get share link button to be given the unique URL for this design.

You can now share this URL with people and when visiting it, they’ll be given a preview of the checkout page, and instructions on how to import it (just like above).

If you have any questions about the importing or sharing your checkout and funnel designs, you can reach out to our fast and friendly support team here.