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Computing science 10mr. flynn at macarthurComputingComputing Science 10mr. Flynn At Mac
First digital single-chip millimeter-wave beamformer will exploit 5G capabilities

The first fully-integrated single-chip digital millimeter-wave (MMW) beamformer, created by electrical and computer engineers at the University of Michigan, opens up new possibilities in high-frequency 5G communications. The technology could be used to improve vehicle-to-vehicle communication, autonomous driving, satellite internet, and national defense, to name a few.

Beamforming allows a device that is transmitting signals to point them in a particular direction, as opposed to having the signals radiate out in all directions – which can lead to significant interference and loss of efficiency. It is an essential technique for MMW communication, which occurs at a relatively high frequency (typically between 24GHz and 100GHz). This high frequency communication allows for high-speed data transfer, one of the key advantages of 5G.
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Matthew Belz receives NDSEG Fellowship to improve the safety of autonomous systems
PhD student Matthew Belz received a National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship for a new research project to create a jamming-resistant radar chip to improve the safety of autonomous vehicles.

“Right now, there aren’t many autonomous vehicles, but eventually we think we are going to become more prevalent” Belz says. “If everybody has the same kind of radar signal, they can accidentally jam each other, or bad actors might try to intentionally jam these signals.”
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Computing science 10mr. flynn at macarthur

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