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At Thursday's Condominium Association Meeting, Disney Vacation Club executives shared their plans for updating villa interiors over the next 2 years.

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  • The City of Anaheim Planning and Building Department has recommeded approval of the project which would bring 350 Disney Vacation Club villas to the Disneyland Hotel. A planning report made available to the public provides detailed looks at the fully developed resort grounds, floorplans for each villa type and more.
  • Disney Vacation Club properties at Walt Disney World Resort, Disney’s Vero Beach Resort and Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort are now open. Upon reopening, theme parks, Disney Resort hotels, restaurants, attractions, experiences and other offerings may be modified and will be limited in capacity and subject to limited availability.

Today, Disney released new room concept art and floor plans of Disney’s newest Resort, Disney’s Riviera Resort. Reservations are now available for December 15th for cash rooms and Disney Vacation Club members will be able to book using points later this spring. Rates starting at $486.0 per night. The document, filed with the City of Anaheim Planning and Building Department document, is the 'final site plan' and 'tentative parcel map' and a conditional use permit. The plans will be voted on.

New sofabeds are part of Saratoga Springs refurbishment

Three DVC resorts will receive a smaller scaled 'refresh' in 2021. Among them are Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas, Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa and Disney's Polynesian Villas & Bungalows. Also referred to as a 'soft goods' refurbishment, the process typically includes updates to wall coverings, floor coverings, linens and some decor.

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This modest update occurs about 7 years into the life of a resort and then again at roughly 21 years. The more extensive full refurbishment is typically slated for the 14 year mark. No resorts will receive a full refurb in 2021.

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However, the following year both Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney's Wilderness Lodge and Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort will receive a full refurbishment. Also in 2022, Disney's Beach Club Villas will be refreshed.

This is a bit of a change from the dates which were announced a year ago. Both the Boulder Ridge and Aulani updates were planned for 2020, but undoubtedly derailed by COVID-19. Meanwhile the Polynesian refresh was moved up a year from its original 2022 target, perhaps due to other work currently occurring throughout the resort.

No concept art was shared for any of the resorts scheduled for udpates in 2021 and 2022.

Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa is currently in the midst of a full refurbishment. That project is expected to be completed in summer 2021. During the 2020 condo meeting, Disney reported that guest satisfaction scores have increased 20% among those staying in refurbished rooms at Saratoga Springs.

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© Disneyland Resort Photo This concept drawing was released On the 65th Anniversary of Disneyland, the city of Anaheim released more details on the proposed DVC tower, as seen from Walnut Street.

ANAHEIM, CA — Disneyland Resort shared a rendering and full details on the proposed 350 room Disney Vacation Club tower, Friday, the day of the resort's 65th birthday. Though celebrations were put to the back burner due to the coronavirus pandemic and the most extended park closure in history, fans can look at the proposed plans for what is coming next.

Inside the 1,605 page document, loyal members of the DVC will find plans for five types of villas at the new tower, including a small studio typed 'pod,' a larger studio, 1-bedroom lock-off, 2-bedroom, and two-story 'Grand Villa.'

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The document, filed with the City of Anaheim Planning and Building Department document, is the 'final site plan' and 'tentative parcel map' and a conditional use permit. The plans will be voted on Monday, July 20.

It has already been approved by the staff of the Planning and Building Department, according to LaughingPlace.com.

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To date, vacation club members are relegated to villas at the Grand Californian Hotel and trading points for hotel dollars. The new tower is a much-anticipated expansion of opportunities for California vacation club members.

The hotel tower will be built in a 'stair-step' fashion, to be less 'visibly imposing on the neighborhood at its back, on Walnut Street.

The lowest point of the tower will be five stories tall, according to the resort.

'As with all projects, this proposed plan will go through a series of reviews as part of the project approval process with the city of Anaheim,' according to Disney officials. 'Right now, we are in the entitlement process with the city, which is a continuation of an application submitted back on November 22, 2019.'

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An original plan was for a much larger property proposed over a year ago for a 700 room hotel was canceled.