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Most software on Mac OS X is distributed as a DMG image format. The Mac users can open .dmg files on Mac OS X without using third-party software. But if you are a Windows user, you will be in trouble, since Windows can not recognize dmg format by default. In this article we’ll show you how to convert DMG files to ISO format in Windows using the freeware dmg2img.

DMG file is macOS disk image. It's a Windows counterpart for ISO file. At the same time, the dmg is also the program installation package, which is equivalent to the Windows exe installation package. DMG files are only compatible with Mac OS. They are usually used for comprising installation files for Mac applications. Reasons to Convert DMG to ISO: DMG is not compatible with Windows operating system. Any Windows operating system can extract files from ISO image. Install operating systems or software on DMG files in Windows computers. ISO files gives more options to operate with in Windows systems. In this tutorial, we will show you two efficient ways to. Convert Dmg To Iso free download - Free ISO Creator, ISO to USB, Free ISO to USB, and many more programs. Upgrade to Windows 10 for free right now; Best VPN service of 2021; The best Wi-Fi.


How to Convert DMG Image to ISO format in Windows?

Convert Dmg To Iso In Windows 10

  1. First head over to this website and grab yourself a copy of dmg2img by clicking on the win32 binary link. Extract the contents of the downloaded dmg2img-1.6.5-win32.zip file to a new folder.
  2. Open a Command Prompt and then use the cd command to navigate to the folder where you extracted the dmg2img file.
  3. Now use the following command syntax to convert your DMG file:

    dmg2img.exe {source file.dmg} {destination file.iso}

    In my example I want to convert a Mac installer image called Apple.Mac.OSX.v10.7.Lion.dmg, and save the converted ISO as mac.iso, so my command would be: Mount dmg to usb.

    dmg2img.exe c:Apple.Mac.OSX.v10.7.Lion.dmg c:mac.iso

  4. After a few minutes of processing, your DMG will be converted to ISO format. You can then burn the ISO image to your disc or mount it to CD drive for your own purpose in Windows.
Convert dmg to iso on windows 10

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Convert Dmg To Iso On Windows 10