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Conversion of exe file format to dmg file format beta

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You can't convert an executable file to a dmg. An exe is a Windows application, so it won't install on OS X or run natively. In some cases you can convert an.exe file to an app bundle, which runs. Exe To Dmg Converter is a global data Exe To Dmg Converter designed to provide an open and optimal environment for visualizing, presenting and sharing massive quantities of geoscientific data on Exe To Dmg Converter computers. How to Convert DMG Image to ISO format in Windows. Most software on Mac OS X is distributed as a DMG image format.

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Programs used to perform the conversion from exe file to dmg format.


It looks like that the exe to dmg conversion is often sought by users that want to convert a Windows installer (usually .exe) to a Mac installer (often saved as .dmg or .app), so they can install Windows app on Mac. This is not possible.

You have to download installer for macOS / OS X (if it even exist for your app), as you cannot just convert it from Windows installer.

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Alternatively, you can use some virtual machine software and run Windows app on Mac or vice versa in a virtualized environment, for example Parallels Desktop.

Unfortunately, there is no detailed software record in the database for this conversion.

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An exe file extension is traditionally used for main executable files since the times of MS-DOS. It was adopted for executables in Windows as well. Executables are files that launch programs.

Files with exe file extension can also be found as special self-extracting compress archives. They are basically archives with a small executable program added so the end-user does not require any software to decompress it. Can be password protected.


A dmg file extension is used for default disk image format in Mac OS X (macOS) that replaced the older IMG format. It is used much like ISO images on Windows platform.

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Files with dmg file extension can also be found as binary dumps created by Oracle programs. Should not be confused with the common Mac OS X (macOS) disk image that also shares the DMG extension.

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