Distance Learning Term 4mrs. Colville's Math Class

Distance learning term 4mrs. colville

Distance Learning Term 4mrs. Colville's Math Classes

This lesson follows a direct instruction format. I will begin by asking the essential question. Apple laptop keyboard. In the previous lesson we came up with equations in the form of y = mx. Students should be able to generate similar equations. If students are stuck, I could suggest a sample problem: bottles of OJ are selling of $0.69 each. What equation could be written to find the total, T, of n bottles. I could be even less abstract, if necessary, and ask the total cost of a specific amount of bottles.


I will then relate this equation to the distance formula. Just as our equations multiplied the unit rate times a given amount, the distance formula multiples the unit rate (speed) by a specific amount of time.

Next I will go through 3 examples. We'll find distance, rate and then time. For each example I will substitute the given values into the equation and then solve. Using the equation to solve the problems is an example of MP4. Each problem has a mirror problem labeled 'You try!'; these are quick checks for understanding. I want students to have a chance to immediately apply the concept to a similar problem type.

Distance Learning Term 4mrs. Colville's Math Classroom


Distance Learning Term 4mrs. Colville's Math Class 9

Math – Place Value worksheet. Science – Use a dictionary or website to locate and write the meaning for these Matter words: Solid liquid gas matter property Check around your house for items that are a solid, liquid or gas. List 3 examples for each on the paper with your definitions. Distance learning applications in higher education and industry are growing at a rapid pace. It is now possible to obtain a college degree without physically attending a traditional class. Likewise, numerous companies are using distance learning technologies to distribute training courses to employees on a worldwide basis.