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  1. ConceptTG ( Transaction Generator ) is a simple load testing tool for commercial and free relational databases ( Example: ORACLE and MySQL, etc ).Unlike other common load testing tools which send HTTP requests to the target application, TG generates.
  2. Taken together, these free and open-source tools offer a path to get started on capacity planning and load testing the server side, optimizing and performance testing the client side, and monitoring performance from end to end to derive meaningful insights from performance tests. What are your favorite tools? Add your comments below.

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Watir 6.17

I know it has been a long time without a release, but Watir 6.17 is now available on RubyGems!Mostly just a maintenance update, but Ruby 2.5 or greater now required and all of the warnings andnoise from recent Selenium versions should be silenced. Mostly I’m pleased that in addition to code from the 3 main contributors, we received code submissions from four additional authors: Lakshya Kapoor, Matthew Mazaika, Olle Jonsson & Joe Schulte. Thank you for your work!
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Download Free Ruby Load Testing Tool

Watir 6.16

Watir 6.16 is now available on RubyGems. Extensive scrolling functionality has been added from Alex’s watir-scroll gem and Element Location has been overhauled again for some performance improvements.
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By load testing our app, we were able to identify the problem and fix it at an early stage, before releasing the feature. Using Apache JMeter to Load Test a Rails App. JMeter is an Apache 2.0-licensed open-source load testing tool. It provides thread-based load testing.


Download Free Ruby Load Testing Tools

Watir 6.15

Watir 6.15 is now available on RubyGems. A few new element methods, new contributors, and some minor performance improvements. The equivalent functionality in Python has also been released in Nerodia 0.12.
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