Email Marketing Myths You Should Ignore

Email marketing myths you should ignore others
  1. Email Marketing Myths You Should Ignore Someone
  2. Email Marketing Myths You Should Ignore Others

While you may have heard that email marketing is dying, nothing could be further from the truth. We are still sending 102.6 trillion emails in the United States every year. And the numbers keep going up, with 126.7 trillion expected to be sent by 2022. In this article, we will reveal the top 7 email marketing myths that you shouldn’t believe. Consumers have too many emails already! This is by far one of the most commonly heard email marketing myth.

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  • June 12, 2018
  • Posted by: Robert Duke
  • Category: Business, Marketing

In this era of new technology, email manages to stay alive by helping businesses to connect with their prospects cost-effectively. No matter how many communication platforms get released on a daily basis, nothing can replace email considering the high demand it has across both the B2B and B2C space. It shows how one can trust email in the future as well.

Email as an active mode of communication has taken a significant leap in the marketing segment. Like every other medium of communication, email has its own set of myths that keep people dilemma about its usability and relevance for their business. Here in this blog, let us debunk some of those myths one by one.

1. Avoid Sending Repeated Emails


Repeated emails are annoying for many of us. Hence this misconception may not sound completely wrong from a reader’s point of view. But, when the time taken to compose marketing emails goes in vain, sender thinks of sending it again to reach all the audience. In such cases, instead of copying the same content, the sender can change the subject line and forward it to the recipients who have never opened the earlier email. This method will increase the read recipients list dramatically.

2. Do Not Use A Long Subject Line

The subject line is an essential factor to be considered in any email marketing strategy. Be it a short line or a longer one; it conveys what sender has to say in brief. But, considering the length of it, few believe that it should always be short and easily readable. A study conducted by Return Path showed us how character count in subject line affects the read rates of an email. The read rate was less impacted because of the length of a subject line.

3. Marketing Emails Should Be Of Short Length

This belief has taken its emergence by considering the reader’s point of view. According to this, emails should be of limited length making it easily understandable. But, one cannot cut short everything to minimize the character count in email contents. Reducing the length of email may result in losing its meaning, and the readers may not understand what the sender had to say. Mclane. So, sending a long email is not a problem, but one should identify the type of reader and how much interest they have in going through it.

4. Tuesday Will Result In More Read Rates

Some marketers follow a particular day of a week such as Tuesday to send marketing emails. They observe the work pattern of a regular person to make this decision. While Wednesday and Thursday are the busy days, people seem lazier on Monday and Friday. So, marketers pick Tuesday as the best day to send such emails. But, few studies proved this wrong by showing more read rates on other weekdays and weekends instead of Tuesday.

5. Remove Inactive Subscribers After Six Months

It is a usual tendency to keep the data clean by removing all the unwanted information from the database. Similarly, businesses think of deleting inactive subscriber data from their list to keep it clean. But, few studies have shown that inactive users go through their email after six months. So, it is preferred to retain user’s data even after six months of inactiveness.

6. Marketing Emails Should Be Attractive

It is a common belief that marketing emails should be well polished and be able to attract the readers at first sight. Though this may seem correct in some cases, few studies have shown complete opposite result for this strategy. So, one should study the reader and their interest in receiving such emails before concluding.

7. Low Unsubscribe Rates Are Good For Business

Subscription is another factor firms use to compare their success rate. So, there is a misconception that as the unsubscribe rate increases, there is a decrease in the demand for their business. But, they fail to notice that the uninterested people remove themselves from the subscription list, which in turn helps the marketing emails to target only potential buyers.

8. Email May Land In The Spam Folder

Some fear that the Internet Service Provider (ISP) may label their emails as spam without providing any reason. This fear of going unnoticed has compelled businesses to compose marketing emails carefully without using particular words such as “Free.” But, some studies have failed to prove this right, since ISPs do not follow such strategy to label junk emails. Instead of keeping such emails aside, businesses should inform the customers whenever they have something free to offer.

There are lots of other myths revolving around email marketing. But, only when studied intensely, you can debunk them in no time. So, give no ear to such tales. Instead, focus mainly on the target audience and their interest in receiving marketing emails. Email marketing can take your business to great heights with less cost. Hence, try to implement them in your businesses whenever required.

Robert Duke is a Marketing Manager and Spokesperson of Blue Mail Media.

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Email Marketing Myths You Should Ignore Someone


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Email Marketing Myths You Should Ignore Others

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