Facebook Live Chatsupport Your Customers Via Fb Live Chat


Facebook is a popular free social networking website that allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues.

Connecting with Facebook enables you to respond to Facebook messages, posts or comments directly from LiveAgent, along with other customer requests.

Facebook will reply to your query and will help you in solving your issue or finding an answer to your question. [email protected] will lead you to contact Facebook administrators. Contact Facebook Support Live Chat. Facebook has a very good reputation for Customer Support, and the live chat feature is one among them.

  • Stop the delay in customer support and boost customer satisfaction Quick Facebook Chat allows your customers to send you the messages directly via a Messenger live chat widget on your site. Both parties can follow up with the conversation anytime, anywhere with Facebook Messenger accounts.
  • Also Read: How to Create fake Facebook Chat Edit Facebook Chat Conversations. There might be several reasons for which you would like to contact Facebook. It may be due to Login/Password issue, sending or receiving message problems, database and maintenance error, abuse victim, reporting a bug, status and comment disappear problem, chat related problems, privacy issue, sales department.

Responses to comments, posts or messages are sent directly into Facebook.

LiveAgent connects with your Facebook page and tracks all wall posts, comments and private messages so you can have your fans and haters under control 24/7. Everything is tracked and transformed into Tickets so your customer support Agents can react right when a complaint is created and put out the fire before it spreads. With LiveAgent, you have 100% certainty that nothing gets lost on Facebook.

Facebook Live Chatsupport Your Customers Via Fb Live Chat

Business Benefits

  • Surprise your customers with lightning speed customer service on social media
  • Get automatically notified about new Facebook comments, posts or messages
  • No need to add more administrators to Facebook pages, manage permissions in one place
  • Monitor, answer and archive all Facebook wall posts in one place

If you have more Facebook Pages, LiveAgent can monitor all of them for you. Expand your reach and engage with more users. By providing support over Facebook, you’re turning your support answers into a new way of marketing, because your answers also reach friends of your customers.

Using the Facebook channel integration, you can do the following:

Facebook live chat support your customers via fb live chat random
  • Monitor multiple Facebook pages
  • Respond to Facebook messages
  • Respond to Facebook posts
  • Respond to Facebook comments
  • Archive your Facebook communication into Tickets

Save time and money

Find address by license number. Your support team can answer support requests on your pages, without being constantly disturbed by hundreds of private messages and notifications they receive. Let them answer Facebook support requests without being logged into Facebook.

Archive your Social Media Communication

LiveAgent will archive your Facebook communication into Tickets. Easily categorize and search your Facebook posts and comments of customers.

Facebook Security

Facebook Live Chat Support Your Customers Via Fb Live Chat Random

Manage access permissions to your Facebook pages directly in LiveAgent. No need to give your employees administrative access to your Facebook pages.

Example: Let’s say your customer is having a problem with live chat and writes it on your Facebook page wall -> this post is automatically tracked in LiveAgent, so your support representative can respond to it immediately.

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