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GitKraken is a well organized graphical user interface designed to help you manage your Git repositories in style. The utility integrates most functionalities one would expect from a Git client but also focuses on efficiency and ease of use. Git for mac free download. Git Extensions Git Extensions is now hosted on GitHub Please update your bookmarks. Git Extensions is a standalone UI tool for.

Open source GUI-based interface for the Git version control system which makes it friendlier for developers not familiar with the command-line

Git Graphical Tool Mac

What's new in Xit 1.0 Beta 15:

  • New & Changed:
  • The commit history is now loaded partially at first, and then more as needed if you scroll down far enough.
  • Fetch, Push, and Pull buttons in the toolbar now have menus for selecting specific remotes or branches.
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Git-gui Is a tool for creating commits and managing branches. It was inspired by and initially based on gitool. Written in Tcl/Tk. Stable versions are shipped with Core Git since version 1.5.

Git is a free and very easy to use version control system which makes it possible to track the changes you make to a repository of files and documents for source code management purposes.

Because Git's default interface is a command line one, most developers who aren't used to working within a Terminal window will usually pick up a GUI client to have quick and simple access to all the features.

Customizable source code file previewing

Xit is one such Git GUI client, a free and easy to use macOS application designed to help developers browse and manage their repositories without having to depend on the command line.


Moreover, Xit comes with a three-panel user interface which enables you to view and manage your Git repositories, browse commits and preview the contents of the files within effortlessly. Action recorder crack.

User-friendly interface for the Git version control system

Xit viewing panel's options can be customized via the cog wheel on the right side of the window, allowing you to configure the spaces, context, and tabs options, as well as toggling between multiple wrapping choices.

Furthermore, you can quickly refresh the currently loaded repository and commit your changes via the Repository status bar menu.

Additionally, this menu gives you the choice to create new tags and branches, with the added options of checking out the currently selected repository branch or merging your changes.

Streamlined and minimalist GUI-based Git client for the Mac

Regarding downsides, although Xit is a fully-working application, it still requires a few features to make it the go-to git GUI app for most developers such as code syntax highlighting and git hosting service interaction.

Despite a few currently missing features which the developer is working on adding in future releases according to the Xit's GitHub page, the app is already a fully functional Git client which packs most if not all the tools a developer might need to manage a repository using a Mac.

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Git Ui Tool For Mac Installer

  • 64-bit processor
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Xit 1.0 Beta 15

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