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Get the best deals on Imac G4 Power Supply and find everything you'll need to improve your home office setup at eBay.com. Fast & Free shipping on many items! The iMac G4 uses a unique power supply that is actually two individual parts, yet they are attatched. You can buy them for about $30-$70 but it depends on your model, what is your screen size, and what is your processor speed? This can be found on the bottem of the access door on the bottem of the computer. When disinfecting or cleaning your device, we recommend that you turn it off and avoid getting any moisture in its openings, including the charging port, headphone jack, microphones and speakers. Do not submerge your Motorola phone in any cleaning agents, avoid using any cleaners with bleach or abrasives, and avoid spraying cleaners directly on. Snow Leopard on PPC! This new thread on an old topic explores how to get Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6.x) up and running on PowerPC Macintosh systems. We’re not talking about faking system info to show 'the impossible'. What follows is at least one proven method to get a build of Snow Leopard up.

Reinstalling Mac OS 9 on a PowerMac G4 MDD

The PowerMac G4 MDD was Apple’s last Mac capable of dual-booting into both Mac OS 9 and OS X. The last of the G4 towers, this model was originally introduced in 2002, briefly evolved into an OS X-only configuration with FireWire 800 in 2003, then returned to the original design for another year.

Due to the need for some customers to run Mac OS 9 for several years after the introduction of OS X, Apple continued to sell this configuration online in parallel with the PowerMac G5 for over a year. They never pushed this option on the Apple Store but it was a consistently strong seller.

These machines came set from the factory to boot into Mac OS X, with OS 9 also loaded on the hard drive. No OS 9 installer was provided, rather that was available as part of the Software Restore CDs bundled with the Mac. The MDD uses a model-specific version of Mac OS 9.2.2, newer than what was included on the last retail OS 9 installer. You need the bundled discs if you want to reinstall a bootable OS 9 on this machine. (Note: only MDDs without FireWire 800 ports can boot into OS 9, models with FireWire 800 ports require OS X. The install CD I used is Apple part number 691-4078-A.)

Recently I was contacted by a client who was looking for just this. He had a dual 1.25GHz MDD with some older ProTools hardware, and preferred to run the software in OS 9 rather than OS X. The problem was his installation of OS 9 was unstable so he was looking for the original installer. Did I have a copy of this rare item?

Off-the-shelf I did not, but fortunately I knew what he meant and where to get one. My last job before running Oakbog full time was as IT Manager for a recording studio, and we ran ProTools hardware and software on these very Mac models! We had about 5 of those systems at one point, so I suspected there were plenty of CDs still buried deep in drawers. Fortunately there were, I contacted my colleagues at the studio and arranged to get a set of the install discs.

My client didn’t need Mac OS X, nor was he interested in first installing OS X 10.2.1 on his tower before restoring the OS 9 image. He just needed a bootable OS 9 System Folder. I suspected this was included on the set of four CDs somewhere, but it isn’t a Finder-visible file.

A bit of sleuthing in Terminal helped find the mystery location. The OS 9 software is in a hidden directory called .images on the first disc. Inside there are several files including OS9General.dmg. I was able to mount (open) this disk image to the desktop via the following Terminal command:

open /Volumes/Restore CD/.images/OS9General.dmg

That takes a few minutes, then mounts a volume called OS 9 Content onto the desktop. Inside here are our old friends Applications (Mac OS 9) and System Folder, just as we know and love.


To test this worked before sending to my client, I copied the two folders to an external FireWire drive (formatted with OS 9 drivers), then connected this to my MDD running Tiger. The Startup Disk Preference Pane showed the external drive with Mac OS 9 as a valid boot choice. Restart, a few screen flickers later, and voila! Welcome to Mac OS 9.2 appears on the screen.

Mission accomplished. I now had a valid boot system for Mac OS 9 on an MDD, along with the disc image. My client was thrilled to hear the good news, and I sent him a copy on CD the next day.

The story continues: Mac OS 9 Isn’t Dead Yet…

Update June 2012:
Mac OS 9 for PowerMac G4 MDD has been made available for download via the Macintosh Garden.

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  1. Hi, downloaded your cds on macintosh garden, to install on my Gigabit Ethernet, it now detects an os9 system but when I try to boot to it, a floppy with a question mark appears and my hdd starts spinning, any idea?

  2. Hi,
    I have my old G4 MDD dual 1.25 and I have OS9General.dmg
    i try to burn it with Disk Utility and Toast, but it is not a BOOTABLE CD.
    I can only copy all folder and document on my hard disk and it work.


    thx a lot

  3. does anyone have the powermac g4 original restore disk for the 1.25ghz MDD 2003?? the disc im looking for is a DVD, and its part number is z691-4409-a – it includes 10.2.6 mac os x + mac os 9.22 as well as AHT 2.02. someone i spoke to online has the disc but he claims hes never been able to successfully copy it. is this a known issue to anyone else?
    i have the 1.25ghz mdd 2003 model and would like to get its specific original disc to restore it to factory settings!

  4. Hi Adam, how did you create the partition on the external firewire hard drive and use the Mac OS 9 HDD driver to boot off it, Did you run the disktools in Classic to create the external partition, or is just “Blessing” the hard drive enough to set it as the active partition to boot from? I also used OS9helper in classic to update a OS 9.04 system that I copied off my previous Beige G3 Mac to install OS 9.2.2 within classic and make it bootable on a 2002 G4 Quicksilver that I built from pieces that I bought on Ebay.

    Thank you for the help, and the article!
    Jose F. Medeiros

  5. I have a G4 mirror. It had 1 hard drive. Another computer I had was running system 9.2.2 for my Scitex, and it died. I took the hard drive and put it into the 2nd drive spot and hooked it up in the g4 mirror. I can see everything on that drive and I can access all the files. When I go into the system preferences and go to the startup disk and select system 9 and restart, I get a ? folder. When I try to reinstall system 9.2.2 I get a message Quicktime is not compatible, please upgrade to QT 6.0.3. When I try to start Classic it says the same thing. I need to run system 9 to run my Scitex software, any ideas?

  6. Adam,

    I found a G4 powermac (the one with oval bay doors – quick silver model I think?) in the dumpster. Anyhow, I put a spare blank hard drive in it and it booted right up. It gives me the “wheres the os” ?/finder icon in the middle of the gray screen. Unfortunately I don’t have a FW drive or any clones of previous ppc 9 installs from back in the day.

    * I want to install OS9 classic on it but how does one open up the cd tray to put the cd in?
    * I do have some backups of my white intel iMac and my 08 intel MBP. If I switch them to a FW drive, will they work even though they are for intel machines?

    I’m hoping I just stick my OS9.2.1 disc into the g4 PM, and it should install 123 like my old bondi blue g3. Any other tips? Thanks for your help!

  7. Hi Adam

    Thanks for your site – lovely. I had a collection of old Macs starting with a couple SE’s, moving up through 10 Classics, Colour Classics, several pizza boxes (LC, LCII, 430,etc),630, 4400, 6 Grey G3’s and 4 G4 towers as well as a couple of ancient laptops, an Atari STE and 2 BBC micros. Most of these I gave away to an IT technician friend who was starting a computer museum in his garage. I still have over a dozen original install/software discs for OS 9 and OSX for PPC, iMac, iBook, etc and wondered if they were worth keeping/passing on. They range from the old orange disks up to 2005 Mac Pro disks.

  8. I have the MDD that is duel 1GHz can I replace the CPU’s with The 1.25GHz Chipset and Have it work? without any additional tinkering?

  9. Adam,
    I wondered if you could help me with a trouble-shooting question.
    I recently had the “power supply” replaced on a G4 Tower (running OS 9.2) and computer boots, no problem. However, ever since, the computer seemingly refuses to accept any file transfer from any external device (whether a folder of pictures, other docs).
    A typical scroll bar appears indicating how many items new to be copied, but the scroll bar sits still, instead of moving, and in effect, stays still with no other action. I checked extensions, etc. for anything appearing out of sorts – but could not find a sourse of the problem.
    (PS – I use the G4 as a back-up server (to another G4) for a medical office software; the software will open – no problem – from any recent back-up off the main server; but as I said, I cannot copy the folder permanently onto the device, as I had long done in the past). Any thoughts would be sincerely appreciated, Thank you

  10. I made a bootable USB stick with Mac OS 9.2.2, I can boot on it and install Mac OS 9.2.2 on my G3 : http://www.numopen.fr/Creer_une_cle_USB_Mac_OS_9_et_installer_Mac_OS_9

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I'm Getting Power Hungry.imac G4 User

Joe, 22 Oct 20204/64 or 4/128. I doubt we'll be seeing a midrange Motorola G with 6GB of RAM till 2021..There is already a moto mid range phone with 6 gb ram and 128gb storage in India. The moto one fusion plus.

I'm Getting Power Hungry.imac G4 Phone

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Droid max is milestone for bigger battery, latter lenovo p1 turbo continued and here we are 6000mah just as big as power bank which the iphone can only dream even is bulky enough

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Sid, 21 Oct 2020How much gb and ram4/64 or 4/128. I doubt we'll be seeing a midrange Motorola G with 6GB of RAM till 2021..

I'm Getting Power Hungry.imac G4 Unlocked

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So far so great. Hope they ad some great SD7xx CPU.

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'It warms my heart, to see a Motorola, with 6 Amps, under the hood.' I have 5 Amps now, and a 6' screen, and find this, a great blessing, in getting through my day. Motorola big battery, is ok with me!

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  • I have a cell phone
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That you never have to charge again

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How much gb and ram

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danwat1234, 20 Oct 2020In the past at least, their phone batteries had horrible battery longevity. The G4, Z and z2 f.. more*My Moto G4 wants to talk with you*
Performance? Sure.
Display? Absolutely. It's a mess.
But battery? Nononono.

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I don't understand why they discontinued the Force series, such great phones with mods functionality

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Jc.Coello, 20 Oct 2020Uh.. I still have a z2 force giving me almost full day of charge with regular use after almos.. moretrue, i have a z2 force, the battery on the z2 force still works well, moto must bring back the force series of phones

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Modest Mind, 20 Oct 2020To charge a 6000mAh battery with 20W charger must take 4h?The 6000 mah battery on my Samsung Galaxy M21 goes from 0 to 100 within 2 hours on 15W charging, with light usage.

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Not updated as of the present day, because all the new prestigious mobiles are getting more than 32 watt charger but thi is not

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Is the G9 Power without any doubt.

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danwat1234, 20 Oct 2020In the past at least, their phone batteries had horrible battery longevity. The G4, Z and z2 f.. moreUh.. I still have a z2 force giving me almost full day of charge with regular use after almost 3 years, what are you talking about?

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Will g, 20 Oct 2020Just bought my first moto g power phone... I've had lg's. I've had Samsung&.. moreUntill you won't receive any updates after a year of usage because of poor support, and that's where the rest comes in steady.

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danwat1234, 20 Oct 2020In the past at least, their phone batteries had horrible battery longevity. The G4, Z and z2 f.. moreAfter 1 year any battery starts taking a hit, but it really boils down to usage and the speed of charging too.
I'm glad Moto is tackling Samsung phones with a 6000 mAh battery phone, but this also leads to the point whether the vanilla G9 will have a 5000 mAh battery as well?
So what will be the new norm for long lasting devices next year? 7500 mAh?
Suddenly, Energizer phones don't look so out of this world as they used to before..

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Lep, 20 Oct 2020Say welcome to the new G9 Power. Motorola knows how to charge a battery thats designed to last.. moreIn the past at least, their phone batteries had horrible battery longevity. The G4, Z and z2 force. 1.5 years or so and they r shot. Time to take it to a repair shop.

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Modest Mind, 20 Oct 2020To charge a 6000mAh battery with 20W charger must take 4h?Takes my 5000mAh 1 hour and 38 min

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Just bought my first moto g power phone...
I've had lg's. I've had Samsung's. Even had the samsung s10. But nothing comes even close to the moto g. Save your time and money people,. Just get a moto phone, anything else is just a waste of time. Gomotogo 😎

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Say welcome to the new G9 Power. Motorola knows how to charge a battery thats designed to last at least 2 years.

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