Instagram Ecommercesimple Ways To Drive Traffic And Sales


But the fact of the matter is, it’s also getting harder and harder to stand out on Instagram. On top of traditional Instagram photo posts, there are Instagram ads, stories, highlights, carousels, video, shops, and so much more. Let’s walk through the various ways you can use Instagram to drive sales for your business. Instagram is surprisingly good in getting you traffic if you just use it right. Always make sure the Instagram posts can be fully enjoyed without people having to click through to your website.

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There’s no doubt that Instagram has become a practical necessity when it comes to marketing for retail businesses. Building a brand on the social platform is not only standard practice for emerging fashion brands, it’s one of the primary drivers behind sales for major retail brands nowadays. In fact, 96% of U.S. fashion brands are now on Instagram. If you’re not there, you’re likely missing a big opportunity.

But the fact of the matter is, it’s also getting harder and harder to stand out on Instagram. On top of traditional Instagram photo posts, there are Instagram ads, stories, highlights, carousels, video, shops, and so much more.

Let’s walk through the various ways you can use Instagram to drive sales for your business. Not every option will be right for you, but I hope to give you enough insight into each option that you can choose, and inspire you to try a new way to use Instagram along the way!


Ah, Instagram influencers. There are so many out there, and so many different ways to work with them, but it can be a little bit like the Wild West to navigate. Before you starting sending out free product to every influencer you can find, take the time to sit down and put together a plan that answers the following questions:

  • How will you find influencers, pick the right ones, and pitch them your product?
  • Will you send free product?
  • Will you pay for posts, and if so, how will you make sure you’re getting enough value in exchange?
  • Most importantly, how will you track the success of your influencer campaign beyond number of likes on a post? You can give discount codes or unique links to track sales, or you can ask influencers to ask their followers to follow your IG account, increasing your reach.

Just like any other marketing campaign, it’s important to set your objectives before tackling an influencer campaign, so you can determine if it’s worth continuing.

Instagram Ads

Instagram ads offer a great deal of opportunity to reach a new audience, even if you have a limited budget. For anyone just starting out, Instagram ads are really just like Facebook ads. You even purchase them through the same Facebook Ads Manager.

You can reach a new audience (customized based on demographic, behavior, interests, and connections), or you can reach your existing audience (people who have liked your posts, follow your page, or people who have visited your website). You can test different creative, different copy, and different audiences with your ads, and get nearly instant feedback on how people are responding to your ads.

There’s a lot to unpack within Instagram ads, but it’s worth the research. Think about it: if you figure out that you can consistently acquire a new customer with Instagram ads at a significantly lower cost than other channels, you could scale that up rapidly when you’re ready–the Instagram community is huge and filled with people who are already used to shopping on mobile.

User-Generated Content

Instagram is the ideal place to collect user-generated content (or UGC, as it’s commonly referred to) from your community. It’s easy to get started: come up with a unique hashtag that’s relevant to your brand, and ask your customers to share how they’re wearing or using your product and tag that hashtag! (Make sure to check the hashtag before you launch it, to confirm it’s not already being used by someone else.) It’s a fantastic and authentic way to create word-of-mouth among your customers and their networks.

It’s important to keep an eye on that hashtag so you can re-share, like, and respond to those customers to keep them engaged, and it’s a great way to see and collect real-life images of your product.


Tip: Make sure to always credit the original poster when re-sharing posts.

Leveraging UGC for Your Website

One of my favorite ways I like to see fashion brands using UGC is to highlight the real-life styling of their products on the retail website itself. More and more fashion brands like ASOS and Free People are starting to add an Instagram feed to their websites, and even on the individual product pages.

This offers so much value to your customers: it adds inspiration for how they can wear your product, it gives them confidence about what your product looks like on real people with different body types, and it makes your brand feel more authentic.


You can also incentivize your community to use your hashtag by running regular giveaways to people using the hashtag. For example, you could run a week-long campaign asking people to submit photos styling your new handbag line for spring, with a prize at the end for the winner that you select.

Instagram Ecommercesimple Ways To Drive Traffic And Sales

Giveaways are also particularly effective when one of the requirements to enter is to tag one or two friends in the comments. By building referral into the giveaway, you’re letting your own community tell their friends about you!

Tip: make sure to add “follow our IG account” as one of the requirements for the giveaway, for all your new referrals.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a great way to engage with your community in-the-moment. Since these only last 24 hours, they’re a great way to create different content and test what works. Use these for behind-the-scenes storytelling (photo shoot styling, manufacturing process, packaging), special promotions, and to share quick video clips or snapshots of your product and brand.

Bonus:if you have a business Instagram profile and over 10,000 followers, you can also use the “Swipe Up” to link to your website or landing page to send viewers to your shop.

Shoppable Posts

Instagram’s Shoppable Posts feature is still in the process of being rolled out to business accounts, but if you’re one of the lucky ones, you can tag products from your product catalog on an Instagram post itself!

Here’s how it works once you set it up: shoppable posts are indicated by a little shopping bag icon in the bottom left of a photo. Your followers can simply tap the shopping bag icon of the photo to shop any of the products that you tag, and get taken straight to the product page to checkout. We can’t wait for this feature to get rolled out to everyone, it feels like a real game-changer!

How are you using Instagram to drive sales for your brand? We’d love to hear from you.

Want more guidance for growing your fashion business?

Whether you’re a blogger ,production /service or marketing (or both!), chances are you’re looking for ways to drive more traffic to your website via Instagram. However, figuring out exactly what works can be pretty tough.

If your website isn’t generating traffic from Instagram yet, now is the time to shake things up and get started.

If you really want to get most from your account, you need to have a strategy to get your followers from your profile to your website. Since people spend more time exploring and sharing their passions on photo and video-sharing social networking service.


Like most social media apps, Instagram allows you to follow users that you’re interested in. This creates a feed on the homepage showing recent posts from everyone you follow. You can Like posts and comment on them.

However, it be keen enough to know that Instagram also supports direct messaging so you can text with friends in private. You can also explore profiles to see what else you might have interest in and as well what picture /video or content you needs to be visually appealing to get people to connect with your brand and potentially become a paying customer.

Below are means to drive traffic from your Instagram to your website.

1. To start using Instagram account you need to sign up.
2. Create a good Profile:
3. Add Links to Your Instagram Stories
4. Use quality hashtags
5, Use Influencer Marketing
6. Start Following People:
7, Create quality Instagram content.
8. Use Multiple Canvases:
9. use videos, live videos and Include a URL in Videos
10. Invest in Instagram Ads

1. To start using Instagram account you need to sign up.

You can log in with Facebook, or provide your name, email address, and set a username and password.

Once that’s done, you should download Instagram for Android or Instagram for iOS. You can also install Instagram for Windows 10, which is basically a port of the mobile app.


2. Create a good Profile:

profile is the first impression,if you want people to click-through to your website via Instagram it has to be done right,Make sure you reflects the theme of your account. If your account is about sport, use a picture of renown sportsman or woman, also Try and fill out your biography, your website link and other social media links.

3. Add Links to Your Instagram Stories

For those with verified accounts or Business profiles with (10,000+ followers), adding a clickable link to your Story is a surefire way to drive traffic to your website or blog.

You can use both the photo and video feature to drive traffic. Keep in mind videos can only be 10 seconds long, so you have a short amount of time to promote your products and landscape photography of aesthetic locations will help you gain likes.

If you’re truly trying to advertise your business on Instagram, investing in a small promotion from services such as Famoid.com, could be a good way to engage your followers. For a small fee, you can choose your audience, access detailed insights, and ensure that your post includes a clickable link.

4. Use quality hashtags

People follow hashtags and there are a bunch of tags to use if you want to increase traffic to your instagram page as well increase the click to your website. Since Hashtags are the only way to search on Instagram. My advice is to stick to hashtags that make sense for the image you are sharing and use that often.

hashtags could be your best bet for growing a fast following on Instagram.The right hashtags can expose your image to a large and targeted audience,therefore try and choose the right #tag that expose that will your page.

5, Use Influencer Marketing

One way to tap into influencers is by contacting them and asking them to promote your products in exchange for a commission or a flat fee. big time celebrity like Cristiano Ronaldo, Ariana Grande Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez does this for big time business owners, but you can chose from your location top influencer that can help you advertise your website or products on their account page if you can’t afford the cost for the big fish .

you can negotiate a rate for a handful of sponsored Instagram posts and stories where the influencers promote your products to their followers.

Influencer marketing, which is extremely popular these days, is based on the idea of social proof. It essentially involves leveraging the authority and audience of an influencer to draw attention to your business or products.

6. Start Following People:

Use the “Find People To Follow” feature. This will import friends from Facebook and your contacts to follow. About 25% of the people you follow, will follow you back . it help to increase the Traffic from Instagram to Your Website in return increase lead sales.

7, Create quality Instagram content.

you’ll need to share an Instagram post that promotes your content and asks people to visit your landing page to access it. To use a lead offer, you first need to have a gated piece of content that people can only acquire if they subscribe to your email list.

Instagram Ecommercesimple Ways To Drive Traffic And Sales Tax

Find high-quality stock images, to find high-quality photos that don’t actually look “stocky”, visit Unsplash or Stocksnap.io. They offer a range of images for free, and you’re bound to find something suitable whatever your niche.

8. Use Multiple Canvases:

upload up to 10 images to single post for your viewers to see your first image in the feed is now enable by instagram .Though the feature isn’t widely adopted yet, so you’ll definitely stand out from the competition.

9. use videos, live videos and Include a URL in Videos

The average engagement for videos is growing faster than the average engagement for images,therefore, video on instagram is an excellent tool for increasing traffic to your website.

videos on Instagram generate three times more inbound links than image posts, so it’s definitely worthwhile to invest in a 15-second narrative.

10. Invest in Instagram Ads

With Instagram ads, you can create awareness in a broader audience and promote campaigns that prioritize conversions by tracking sales and views.

you can target the right audience demographic through people’s interests. With an ad spend alongside your Instagram strategy, you’re likely to see an increase in website.


There are three types of sponsored Instagram ads: image, video and carousel. Call of duty black ops 2 mac dmg.

Image ads are single photos that tell a story with their imagery. Video ads differ from organic Instagram videos. They can be up to 30 seconds long, and you can shoot in portrait or landscape format.

Instagram Ecommercesimple Ways To Drive Traffic And Sales Associate

Why Carousel ads enhance your Instagram storytelling because they can include up to four photos. Retailers,