John Deere 336 Square Baler Manualheremup

  1. John Deere 336 Square Baler
John Deere 336 Square Baler ManualheremupJohn Deere 336 Square Baler Manualheremup

John Deere® Round Balers - 449, 459 (without Net Wrap), 459 Silage Special, 460M, 469, 469E, 559, 560M, 560R, 569, 569 Premium, 569 Silage Special Outside Diameter - 5.118' Hex Bore Diameter - 1.50'. Buyer's premium included in price USD $175.00 John Deere 336 Square Baler 'Absolute' String, new knives last yr, works great, Jeff's personal machine.

John Deere 336 Square Baler Manualheremup

Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2017 2:45 am Post subject: 336 baler My 336 square baler breaks the shear pin in the flywheel almost every time I use it, but bales just fine, either with new bolt or with broken bolt. 2015 JOHN DEERE, 569 Hay and Forage Equipment - Round Balers, Stock # NH2004C, 2015 John Deere 569 Round Baler, 5x6 Bales, 1000 PTO, 16,000 Bales, Net. Mid Continent Lift, Inc. Website Duncan, OK. Used, John Deere 336 square baler. Bale Chute extension. Call for more information, or fill out the email request form below.

IMPORTANT: Incorrect adjustment can cause knives to lock or shear cap screw to break.


Do not use anchor cap screw and nuts (B) to move lower left angle guide (C). Anchor cap screw and guide can bind and become distorted. Only use the anchor cap screw and nuts to hold clearance after guide adjustment has been made.

NOTE: A total of six plow cap screw are used to fasten the lower left angle guide (C). Three of the plow cap screw and nuts (A) are used with anchor cap screw. The other three plow cap screw, washers, and nuts (A) fasten directly to the bale case and machine frame.

15. To adjust left angle guide, loosen six nuts (A) and six anchor nuts (B).

16. Pry plungerhead to extreme right side of bale case.

17. Camcamx serial mac lookup. Move lower left angle guide (C) towards right until guide contacts plungerhead side roller (D).

18. Snug rearmost anchor nuts (B) and rearmost plow bolt nut (A). Do not tighten the other anchor nuts and plow cap screw at this time.

John Deere 336 Square Baler

A-Plow and Nuts (6 each used)
B-Anchor Bolt Nuts (6 used)
C-Bale Case Left Angle Guide
D-Plungerhead Side Roller