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I'm trying to sort out some of the game stats in my head.. I understand the general difference between physical dmg and magic dmg, but are all champions' auto-attacks physical damage? What about the mages who shoot energy bolts as their basic attack? Are those magic dmg or physical damage?
And secondly, let's take Xin Zhao as an example for a moment. His Q, 3 Talon Strike, give his next 3 attacks boosted damage. In the description, it says 'bonus damage.' Does this mean that physical damage is added to his base attack? Or are two stats being added (his physical attack + the bonus dmg as MAGIC dmg)? And do those 3 attacks still function the same as a standard attack? (For example, would a frozen mallet still proc while xin has his q activated)?
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All champion's auto attacks are physical damage.
I'm not sure if the extra damage on TTS is physical or magical, I'm pretty sure it's physical though.
Yes. All three of those will activate Frozen Mallet if you have it as they are regular attacks. Just with a bonus.

League of Legends utilises two systems for classifying damages: an engine-level system and a script-level system. As the name suggests, the engine-level system is integrated into the game's engine; while the script-level system is a relatively modern addition that allows Riot more flexibility. Every game is a story; visit the new League of Legends match history to check out how this one ends and share your own!

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Yes auto attacks are physical
The extra damage will say on the attack
Yes, each attack can proc
League Of Legends Dmg Items

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All auto-attacks are physical attacks regrdless if the champions attack with their hammers or if they attack by sending bolts of energy ( eg ryze ).Magic damage is almost always dealt when you activate one of your spells unless it says that this spell will deal physical dmg.But this will be referred in the description of the spell and another tip to distinguish spells that deal magic dmg from spells tha deal dmg according to your physical attack is the colour of the letters and numbers in the part of the descripiton where the dmg is referred.If the letters are oreange then this spell will deal physical dmg and if the letters are a mix of greend and blue the this spell will deal magic dmg.

League Of Legends Dmg Items Tft

you can generally look at the color of an abilities damage scaling to determine what kind of damage it does. If the scaling number (the number in parentheses next to the base damage) is red, the attack does physical damage and scales off attack damage. If the scaling number is green, it deals magic damage and scales off ability power. If the number has both (hybrid) it generally deals magic damage. If the number is a special color like blue (ryze and nasus) or yellow (rammus and malphite) then you have to look to the champion itself for those special cases. Ryze obviously deals magic damage, but his abilities scale off mana and AP. Rammus's damage scales off of armor. A general rule of thumb is that auto attacks deal physical damage and abilities deal magical damage, but there are exceptions. You probably know this, but armor reduces physical damage and magic resist reduces magic damage.

League Of Legends Dmg Items Download

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