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Could one of your weapon's It will also allow Sept. 2016 Weitere Ergebnisse traits. — Is — Is there Artifact Relics Hey, arrived fire, life, blood, etc. Of the artifact increase its Below is in the Legion. Let do not automatically scale ‎ 6 Autoren Stuck on the third relic slot.: - MMO-Champion 18 Posts. Jul 28, 2016 Does any professions in Legion make Relics? Im just wondering where they come from at end game, are there any profs that craft them? Plenty of them do. Real End-Game comes from Raiding and Mythic+ though, the crafted relics are only 805 AFAIK, and you cannot upgrade them with Obliterum since they much work like Gems. Dec 11, 2019 Artifact Relics are special items which players can slot into their Artifacts. Distinct from the previous items of that name, Artifact Relics are Artifact-only objects obtained through completing quest lines, dungeons and raids in the Broken Isles, Argus, or other Legion-related content. Artifact Relics will have a major impact on the overall power of the Artifact, such as its basic damage.

So you’ve picked up World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, Legion, and booted up your computer to jump into it. Odds are youre feeling a little overwhelmed and confused by some of the new features, but those will come with time. The one key thing you need to consider (above all else) is your artifact weapon due to the huge role it plays in your characters development during the early days of Legion.

Artifact weapons are one of the largest additions coming to World of Warcraft within Legion; they’ll serve as your main weapon all the way to level 110 as no others can match their power. These new weapons are legendary artifacts from throughout Warcraft history, wielded by the strongest and brightest champions Azeroth has ever known. The best part? You’ll be able to pick them up for yourself within the first hour of the expansion.


In order to obtain your first artifact weapon, you’ll have to complete the initial line of quests which teleports Dalaran over to the Broken Isles from Deadwind Pass. Once you’ve been welcomed by a member of the Kirin Tor, make sure to walk around for a little while. After a bit, you’ll be contacted by a prominent NPC representing your class. For me, that meant Lord Maxwell Tyrosus.

From here you’ll travel to Krasus’ Landing where you’ll meet fellow members of your respective class and then be presented with the class-based artifact weapons available to you. Each of these support a specific specialization, such as tanking or healing, and has loads of benefits in order to help you perform your role — but you can only choose to pursue one at the beginning of the expansion. Fortunately, you will be able to obtain every artifact weapon over time, so don’t worry about being locked to a specific one in the long run.

Once you’ve decided on one to pursue, you’ll begin a quest chain that unlocks it and introduces you to the Order Hall for your specific class. The quests are easily some of the best that Blizzard has created, laying the foundation of desperation that the entire expansion is centered around.

Each artifact weapon in the game contains a set of traits, appearances, and relics in order to help you upgrade and customize it to feel like your own. To unlock additional traits for your weapon, you’ll have to collect Artifact Power — a new type of experience present in Legion.

Artifact Power is obtained from various consumable items you’ll collect during your journey throughout the Broken Isles. It can be found as quest rewards, item drops, or bonus rewards scattered about the new content. You can consume the aforementioned items for a boost to your Artifact Power for your currently equipped weapon.

Artifact Power is shown on a bar located above your level experience bar. Each time you fill up this bar, you’ll have enough power to pick up a new trait for your weapon. Keep in mind that each of your Artifact Weapons must be leveled up through this process separately, although there are ways to increase the power you receive later on.

Traits are essentially skills for your weapon, similar to the old talents from World of Warcraft circa a few expansions back. Each of these traits cost a specific amount of Artifact Power and have multiple ranks, but the more Artifact Power you spend on your weapon, the higher the cost will go for the next unlock.

Most of these are passive in nature, increasing the effectiveness of abilities already accessible to you as a player, but a few are active abilities which can be slotted in your action bars and used in combat. Each trait has one to three different ranks which increase the effectiveness of the initial trait. In order to progress to a new trait, you’ll have to max out the one before it.

There is a total of 34 points to spend in your Artifact Trait Tree, but the order in which you progress is entirely up to you with the exception of maxing out specific traits along the way. Once you’ve attained all of the points for an Artifact Weapon, you’ll also unlock a bonus trait with 20 additional ranks that boosts your overall damage. It’s worth mentioning that you can refund any traits you’ve attained already for a hefty Artifact Power cost.


Relics operate in a way similar to meta gems from previous expansions and can be socketed into your Artifact Weapon to increase its item level as well as grant bonus ranks for specific traits on the weapon. When you first start, your Artifact Weapon will have two slots unlocked immediately for use while the third can be unlocked by completing your Order Hall questline.

You can obtain relics like you would any other piece of gear, and each relic has an item level associated with it. Once placed in your Artifact Weapon, these relics cannot be swapped in and out, but must be overridden by a new relic. It’s also important to note that relics will not bypass Artifact Power requirements for advancing your Artifact Trait Tree, meaning that you will still need to unlock remaining ranks of each trait to progress further in it.

As you progress through the expansion, you’ll also be able to unlock visual appearances for your Artifact Weapon by completing various quests and achievements in the game. What’s great is that you can also transmog your artifact weapon with other appearances too, although you cannot transmog a different weapon to look like your artifact weapon. “A square is a rectangle, but a rectangle isn’t a square” kind of thing.

Blizzard’s also planning to keep expanding the Artifact Weapon system over the course of Legion’s lifetime — meaning that new appearances, traits, and abilities will likely be added as time goes on. So, whether you love them or hate them, make sure to stay on top of your artifact weapons for each of your specializations. There’s going to be even more than this coming.

April 14, 2018

Important update: Flames are being added to GMS in the summer. You'll be able to buy them in the legion coin shop!
Subject to change but in kms it works like this:
Strong Rebirth Flame (100 coins) [limit of 3] [Untradable]
These are the second best flames in the game and unless I am mistaken are the same ones crafted by master craftsman rank accessory.

How to start legion:
You must have at least 500 total levels from the sum of characters on the same world of at least level 60. There will be a quest to unlock the first level of legion.

Legion Do Relics Increase Dmgwizardstree Mean

Why you should care about legion:
  • each unique job you add to the legion provides a benefit to all characters
  • depending on how you arrange the characters in your legion you will gain additional benefits
  • allow you to purchase items in the legion shop
You can see some of the stats from my legion in game here:
The Grid
The legion contains a grid system that allows you to 'place' your characters on a grid gaining stats in two ways: stats specific to each unique job and stats based on how you fill up the grid. In this section both will be explained starting with the job specific stat/benefit. In game in the legion system the stats are split into 'member bonuses' and 'grid bonuses.' This guide will call them 'Legion effects' and 'Grid stats.'
You can access the legion grid from the menu after unlocking it through a quest.
Legion Effects
Depending on the level of your character it will be assigned a rank from B to SSS. Zero character ranks are based on their story quest completion and level. Characters below level 60 are excluded from legion.Legion do relics increase dmgwizardstree 3

Legion Do Relics Increase Dmgwizardstree Fps

Level RangeRank

Dark KnightHP %23456
Fire/Poison MageMP %23456
Ice/Lightning MageINT10204080100
MarksmanCrit Chance12345
Night LordCrit Chance12345
Dual BladeLUK10204080100
CorsairSummon duration %4681012
JettCritical Damage %12356
Dawn WarriorHP250500100020002500
Blaze WizardINT10204080100
Wind ArcherDEX10204080100
Night WalkerLUK10204080100
Thunder BreakerSTR10204080100
Aran70% chance to heal X HP%246810
Evan70% chance to restore X MP%246810
MercedesCooldown Reduction %23456
PhantomMesos obtained %12345
ShadeCritical Damage %12356
BlasterDef Ignore %12356
Wild Hunter20% chance to deal X% more damage48121620
Battle MageINT10204080100
XenonSTR, DEX, LUK510204050
MechanicBuff Duration %510152025
Demon SlayerStatus Resistance12345
Demon AvengerBoss Damage %12345
Angelic BusterDEX10204080100
HayatoCritical Damage %12356
KannaBoss Damage %12345
Zerobonus exp %4681012
Beast TamerDef Ignore %12356

Grid Stats
The inner region of the grid has the following sections:
  • STR 5 per square (up to 75)
  • DEX 5 per square (up to 75)
  • INT 5 per square (up to 75)
  • LUK 5 per square (up to 75)
  • ATT 1 per square (up to 15)
  • M.ATT 1 per square (up to 15)
  • HP 250 per square (up to 3750)
  • MP 250 per square (up to 3750)

The inner regions can be rearranged as you choose:

Legion Do Relics Increase Dmgwizardstree 3

The eight outer regions are not able to be moved and grant stats as follows:
  • Abnormal status resistance 1 per square (up to 40)
  • Bonus experience 0.25% per square (up to 10%)
  • Critical strike chance 1% per square (up to 40%)
  • Boss damage 1% per square (up to 40%)
  • Knockback resistance 1% per square (up to 40%)
  • Buff duration 1% per square (up to 40%)
  • Ignore Defence 1% per square (up to 40%)
  • Critical Strike Damage 0.5% per square (up to 20%)

The outer regions can NOT be rearranged.
Building your grid

When assigning members to your grid you MUST start in one of the centre four blocks. The icon of the grid piece you place must be in one of the four middle squares.
Examples below:
After assigning the first block to the grid you can assign future pieces as long as they touch any other piece. They cannot connect diagonally. Example below connecting a pirate piece to the starting piece. The piece in red is not in an acceptable position because it does not touch another piece.
The shape of a character placed into the grid is based on the job type (archer/thief/etc) and rank. The table below was taken from orangemushroom and shows the various shapes.
Number of members you can assign to grid is based on your legion level.

Rank NameTotal Account LevelGrid Members
Nameless Legion 15009
Nameless Legion 2100010
Nameless Legion 3150011
Nameless Legion 4200012
Nameless Legion 5250013
Renowned Legion 1300018
Renowned Legion 2350019
Renowned Legion 3400020
Renowned Legion 4450021
Renowned Legion 5500022
Heroic Legion 1550027
Heroic Legion 2600028
Heroic Legion 3650029
Heroic Legion 4700030
Heroic Legion 5750031
Legendary Legion 1800036
Legendary Legion 2850037
Legendary Legion 3900038
Legendary Legion 4950039
Legendary Legion 51000040


In this section I will suggest which characters may be most important to level for you to get the most out of your legion. If you manage to reach level 200 on 40 characters you can place 36 characters and you won't need to worry too much about which characters are best as you'll be able to use almost all of them.
  • Zero for exp increase
  • DA for boss damage
  • Kanna for boss damage
  • Blaster for def ignore
  • Beast Tamer for def ignore
General Utility

Legion Do Relics Increase Dmgwizardstree Weapon

  • Mercedes for cooldown reduction
  • Mechanic for buff duration
  • Night Lord for critical chance
  • Marksman for critical chance
  • Corsair for summoned minion duration
  • Phantom for increases mesos obtained (especially for reboot)
  • Aran for heal
  • Evan for mp restore
  • Fire/Poison for MP %
Leveling AND bossingLegion
  • Wild hunter for chance to deal extra damage
  • Shade for critical damage
  • Hayato for critical damage
  • Jett for critical damage
I would recommend getting anything useful for you from the above sections and then fill your remaining slots with legion effects that increase your main stat. For example: as a paladin you would want all of the STR boosts, as a DA you'd want the HP and HP% boosts, etc. After that you can fill with the off-stat boosts such as DEX for warriors, LUK for mages, etc. Fill remaining slots with anything you want to get the grid bonus.
Legion Coins Shop

When you assign characters to your legion they immediately begin attacking a dragon in the legion raid. Your characters attack 24/7 and even if you are logged out. The damage done by your characters' attacks is based on level and starforce. The character's actual range means nothing in legion.
You can also enter the legion raid yourself through the large

Legion Do Relics Increase Dmgwizardstree Spawn

'START RAID' button. You will need to enter the raid if you wish to do the two dailies for an additional 30 coins per day. You will be able to deal some damage to the enemy boss if you wish. You can attack it until the yellow bar runs out and all attacks will miss after that. Your legion characters' 24/7 attacks will finish the purple bar.
The coins are handed out when you leave the legion raid and are used for legion rank upgrades ex. nameless legion 1 to nameless legion 2. Coins are also usable in the legion shop for items such as epic potential scrolls and 2x exp buffs.
You'll want to look for these two NPCs for your legion shop or to pick up and turn in the dailies:
Legion shop contents:
ItemEffectWeekly AmountCost
Legion's Might Lv. 1att/m.att +30 for 10 min1010
Legion's Might Lv. 2att/m.att +30 for 20 min1020
Legion's Might Lv. 3att/m.att +30 for 30 min1030
Legion's Expertise Lv. 12x exp for 10 min1030
Legion's Expertise Lv. 22x exp for 20 min1050
Legion's Expertise Lv. 32x exp for 30 min1070
Legion's Luck Lv. 150% drop rate for 10 min1030
Legion's Luck Lv. 250% drop rate for 20 min1050
Legion's Luck Lv. 350% drop rate for 30 min1070
Legion's Wealth Lv. 150% mesos obtained for 10 min1030
Legion's Wealth Lv. 250% mesos obtained for 20 min1050
Legion's Wealth Lv. 350% mesos obtained for 30 min1070
Clean Slate Scroll10% chance360
Gold Potential Stamp80% chance340
Master Craftsman Cube-3140
Basic Legion Meso Boxsome mesos5030
Intermediate Legion Meso Boxsizable number of mesos3050
Advanced Legion Meso Boxlarge number of mesos2070
Basic Legion Growth Potion49% of level 100-129, 50% exp for 30 min575
Intermediate Legion Growth Potion49% of level 130-159, 50% exp for 30 min5110
Advanced Legion Growth Potion49% of level 160-179, 50% exp for 30 min5150
Legion Preset Couponunlocks 1 preset for 30 days3500

Legion Do Relics Increase Dmgwizardstree 2

Things to add:

  • explain leveling up legion
  • explain exact formulas for raid damage
  • and more?
Feel free to send me suggestions I'd be a big fan of that.