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This scavenger hunt has children locate the picture of each shape (both 2D and 3D) to match to its name. Students write the letter of the shape. These cards could also be used as a sort of 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes.Name that Shape Scavenger HuntThis scavenger asks students to name 2 an.

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  • . Photo exercise: Working in pairs and using the vocabulary list in the workbook for reference, students embark on a photo scavenger hunt to discover and make pictures of form, line, shape, texture, pattern, etc. (20) Review, share, and close. Staff Follow-Up: Download the images from the cameras and select student.
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  • As a group of 4 you will work together and separately to find and shoot images that are listed on the scavenger hunt task list. Each student in your team is responsible for taking an original image of every item on the list. This Scavenger Hunt will span the weekend, with images being due for group consideration next week.

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Internet Scavenger Hunt 01

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General Directions: Type the website address in Google Chrome. Then find the information needed to answer the questions. More directions are given below.

1. www.mcdonalds.com (Along the bottom of the web page. Then click on the link Our History.
  • Who invented the Egg McMuffin?
  • What year was the Big Mac introduced? (Do the math.)
  • About how many Big Macs are sold each year?

2. www.babynames.com (Click on letters in the alphabet at the top of the homepage, or enter names into the search feature.)

  • Remember, your the name might be spelled slightly differently. It still counts.
  • Find your name. What does it mean?
  • Find your parents’ names. What do their names mean?
  • If none of your names mean anything, try a middle name or a name of a favorite character from a book or video.
3. www.whitehouse.gov (Locate History of The White House.)
  • What is the name of the President’s plane?
  • How many homes did President Lincoln own in his lifetime
  • Which country gave us the Statue of Liberty as a gift?
4. www.hummer.com (Click on the link Dealer Locator.)
  • (Click on the state of Illinois in the map of the United States.) What is the name of the Hummer dealer (store) in Schaumburg?
  • How many Hummer dealers (stores) does the state of Wisconsin have?

Bonus: When you finish the hunt, you may return to any of the websites above to browse and enjoy. (Don’t forget to turn in your paper. Is your name on it?)

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