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This app is the remote control for all Lovense wearable toys.
Designed for:
1. Solo Play
2. Discreet Public Play
3. Long Distance Play
Use one smartphone for close range control, syncing vibrations to music, and sound activated vibrations (uses your phone's microphone). Range for close range control is up to 30 feet when you have a direct line of sight. 360° range is between 5-10 feet, based on your surroundings.
Use two smartphones to drastically increase your partner's control range. This is perfect for those wanting discreet public play within larger spaces. Simply connect with your partner's phone within the app and give up control! The person with a toy should have their smartphone within 3-5 feet of them at all times. The app can run in the background, so it can be in your purse or pocket while your partner has complete control via their smartphone. This feature is also great for long distance couples.
You also have the ability to create your own vibration patterns. Our fun tap and slide control interface makes it easy to make unique patterns. Our powerful vibration motor allows a large range of possibilities. After creating a pattern, you can share it (anonymously) with the world. Take a look at the vibration patterns already uploaded and download the ones you like!
Other Settings (must select for each partner):
- Give full control to some (don't need to continually allow them to gain control)
- Vibration notifications during text messages
- Notifications when you partner logs into the app
- Auto-play a pattern when it’s sent to you
Not seeing a feature you would like? Contact us at [email protected]! Our full time development team would love to incorporate your suggestions into our app.
  1. Lovense Remote App
  2. Lovense Remote Control App

Toy Review - Lovense Lush 2 Remote Control Long-Distance App Enabled Vibrator! Get it here: https://www.lovense.com/?utmexpid=.t1VTdveQberPiD480vK-w.0&utm. The Lovense Remote app will log you out after 7 days for security reasons. When you log back in, you will see an image welcoming you back to the app. We do not and will not ever show advertisements of any kind. Feel free to contact us if you need further clarification.


You no longer need to cycle through dozens of manufacturer's vibration patterns to find what works for you!

What are Programmable toys?

Our line of Programmable Toys allows you to customize your vibrations. Lovense Remote app allows you to choose a power level to match your body's needs and save it for a later use.

Customize it how YOU want

You can decide which level of vibrations you like for 'low', 'medium' and 'high.' You can also create and save up to 10 patterns.

'Smart' button

Once you save your vibration levels and patterns, your toy's button will remember the settings even when it's not connected to your phone.

Additional features

You can use other features offered by our Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control Sex Toys: close range control, long-distance control, custom patterns, and music syncing etc.


Our Bluetooth Sex Toys Connect Wirelessly to our App

Lovense Remote

Main Features:

Lovense remote control appRemote
  • Local Control

  • Long-Distance Control

  • In-app Messaging

  • Adjustable Vibration Strengths

  • Video Chat

  • Sync To Music

  • Long-Distance Sex/Sync Together

Compatible With:

  • iPhone/iPad Air/iPad Mini/iPod Touch iOS 9.0 and later

  • Android 4.3 and later with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled

  • Mac (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)

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Lovense Remote App

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Lovense Remote Control App

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