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GE MAC 1200 Resting ECG System

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What is an ECG System?

  1. Trade in your MAC 1200, MAC 1600 or other ECG equipment for the MAC 2000 from GE Healthcare and profit from: Easy-to-read 7” color display Full size A4/US letter thermal print-out.
  2. The MAC™ 1200 resting ECG analysis system bears CE mark CE-0459 indicating its conformity with the provisions of the Council Directive 93/ 42/EEC concerning medical devices and fulfills the essential requirements of Annex I of this directive. The product is in radio- interference protection class A in accordance with EN 55011.
Mac 1200 ecg machine user manual

The MAC 600 enables physicians to bring advanced ECG analysis to patients they could never reach before. With leading clinical technology and an SD card that puts vital data right in your hands. With on-screen results that help save time, energy, and paper.

Electrocardiography commonly referred to as either ECG or EKG is the recording of electrical activity from the heart over a period of time. The electrical activity is recorded with electrodes that are placed on the skin. Electrodes detect little electrical changes on the skin that arise from the heart muscle’s electrophysiology pattern of depolarizing and re-polarizing during each heartbeat. This process is called a cardiology test.

The electrodes are placed on the patient’s limbs and on the surface of the chest. On a typical 12-lead ECG the overall magnitude of the heart’s electrical potential is then measured from twelve different angles. Over a period of ten seconds, the overall magnitude and directions of the heart’s electrical depolarization is captured at each moment throughout the cardiac cycle. The graph depicted by the ECG system is called an electrocardiogram.

Overview of the GE MAC 1200

The GE MAC 1200 is a digital 12-lead EKG Machine that offers comprehensive ECG solutions. Winrunner software testing tool free download. The MAC 1200 offers practical features that help meet the demanding needs of hospitals, clinics, office-based practices, and clinical trials. Its advanced algorithm capabilities, seamless connectivity to the CS and MUSE Cardiology Information Systems and easy-t0-use features; provide maximum quality and convenience. Resting ECGs acquired in the 12-lead mode, and the corresponding data, can then be transmitted to a PC, CardioSys system, or to a MUSE CV system. This EKG Machine is equipped with electronic utilities that ensure artifact-free recordings. Among these are the automatic baseline adjustment and the anti-drift system (Cubic Spline and ADS).

General Use of the GE MAC 1200

In the beginning of the recording, the automatic baseline adjustment algorithm verifies the incoming signal and adjusts the baseline position accordingly. During the recording, the anti-drift system (cubic spline) continuously checks the baseline position and returns it to the normal level if required. For manual mode, the anti-drift system (cubic spline) can be enabled and disabled from the setup menu. In the 12-lead and arrhythmia modes, it is always enabled.

GE MAC 1200 Features

  • This system can be configured to meet the needs of hospitals, clinics, and office-based practices
  • Allows access to EKG data gathered throughout a provider network, assuring high quality and continuity of care
  • Comprehensive solution for EKG requirements
  • Waveform LCD display
  • Interpretive EKG
  • Full-size paper reports
  • Portable with a built-in battery
  • Measurements, interpretation, and memory available in any combination
  • Simultaneous 12-lead ECG acquisition and analysis
  • Compact, lightweight design with carrying handle
  • Field upgradability

GE MAC 1200 Specifications

Signal Processing:

  • Acquisition: 12 leads – simultaneously.
  • Signal input: Type CF according to IEC.
  • Digital sampling rate: 1000 samples/second/channel.
  • Dynamic range: Differential signals for AC voltage ±, 10mV Superimposed DC voltage (Polarization voltage) ±600mV.
  • Resolution: 5 uV.
  • Frequency response:0.04 – 150 Hz.
  • Common mode rejection:> 140 dB.
  • Input impedance: > 100 M ohms.
  • Leakage current: < 10uA.
  • Pacemaker detection sensitivity: All leads, duration 0.1 – 2.5 ms, amplitude > 5 mV.


  • Type: LCD 320 x 240 pixel, backlit, Contrast adjustable.
  • Displayed data: Selected lead group, operation mode, lead check, heart rate, AC filter, muscle her, ADS, gain, speed, name, ID, 3 ECG waveforms.


  • Type: Thermal array print head.
  • Resolution: Vertically 8 dots/mm horizontally 25um at 25 mm/s.
  • Paper: 8.5 x 11 inch.
  • Writer speed: 5, 25, 50 mm/s.
  • Paper type: Z-fold.


  • Type: Membrane keypad with tactile feedback / 46 keys.

Special Functions:

  • Anti Drift System (ADS): Automatic compensation of baseline fluctuations caused by polarization voltage fluctuations at the electrodes.
  • Baseline adjustment: ECG presentation on the averaged baseline.
  • Electrode monitoring: Audible and visual indication on the LCD of disconnected electrodes or fine break. Every single electrode is monitored.
  • Copy: In the automatic 12 lead modes, after ECG, recording, copies of the ECG can be printed.
  • Test: Automatic performance test upon power up, including verification of the signal path starting at the signal input.

Power Supply:

Mac 1200 Ecg Machine Manual

  • Ratings: 10 – 120 V (0.32A) / 220 – 240 V (0.16A).
  • Frequency: 49 – 65 Hz.
  • Battery type: NiCad, 18V, 1.4 Ah.
  • Battery charge time: 4 hours.

Mac 1200 Ecg Machine User Manual

Physical Specs:

Mac 1200 Ecg Machine Service Manual

  • Width: 14.5 in. (370 mm)
  • Height: 3.7 in. (94 mm)
  • Depth: 12.6 in. (320 mm)
  • Weight: 12.4 lb. (5.6 kg) with graphics display and battery.

Mac 1200 St Ecg Machine Manual

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