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If you are facing Boot Camp drivers not working windows 10 or problems with Bootcamp drivers windows 10, then you are in right place.

  • Boot Camp requires a Mac with an Intel processor. When you install Microsoft Windows on your Mac, Boot Camp Assistant automatically opens the Boot Camp installer, which installs the latest Windows support software (drivers).
  • In Windows on your Mac, click in the right side of the taskbar, click the Boot Camp icon, then choose Boot Camp Control Panel. If a User Account Control dialog appears, click Yes.

Now, you need to create a bootable Windows 10 installation media. Here is a quick step by step video guide on how to create Windows 10 bootable USB on Mac without Bootcamp. If you already have a Windows 10 bootable media, you can skip Step 7 and proceed to Step 10. Plugin your USB Stick and start Disk Utility. To get back to OSX, Boot Camp: Set the default operating system, or shutdown your Mac and hold Alt/Option key when powering up the Mac and choose the OS you want to start. You can also try Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) on your Mac - Apple Support How to Reset NVRAM on your Mac - Apple Support.

Here, we are discussing about Boot Camp drivers not working windows 10 problem and providing some recommended tips/procedures to fix this issue.

What is Boot Camp?

Apple Company finally announced the latest version of “Boot Camp” that is currently rolling out to Mac OS X Yosemite users with the support of 64-bit version of Windows 10. So, Users who are using Apple’s operating System will now able to install Windows 10 on their Mac as dual Boot.

“Boot Camp” is multi-boot utility program associated with MacOS that allows users to install Microsoft Windows Operating Systems on Intel-based Machintosh computers.

“Boot Camp” was first introduced with Mac OS X 10.5 leopard and has been included in Subsequent versions of the operating System ever since. Boot Camp 6.0 version added the support for Windows 10 while Boot Camp 6.1 is available on MacoS 10.12 Sierra and later version.

So, if you want to install Windows 10 or other versions, or Windows applications on your Mac device, then you can use “Boot Camp”. And if you are facing any problems with Bootcamp drivers windows 10, then you can follow the steps below to fix it.

Some common issue related to BootCamp Drivers not working Windows 10

  • Boot Camp Assistant not working: Some users reported about this issue and states that Boot camp Assistant is not responding on their device. If you are facing the same, then you can try to solve it by using “Option-Command-Escape” to force the app to quit.
  • Bootcamp won’t install Windows 10/Bootcamp installation failed: Some users complained that Bootcamp refuses to install Windows 10 when they try to install Windows 10 on macOS. In this case, you need to update or reinstall Bootcamp drivers.
  • Bootcamp Windows 10 not booting: If the Bootcamp Windows Partition no longer bots, then you can try to perform NVRAM reset to clear all corrupted settings.
  • Bootcamp Windows 10 keeps restarting: When Windows 10 continuously restarting on MacBook Bootcamp, then you can try to solve it by performing RAM Diagnostic operation in Windows 10

[Tips & Tricks] How to fix Boot Camp drivers not working windows 10?

Procedure 1: Reset PRAM on Mac

Mac bootcamp windows

Step 1: At first, you need to turn OFF your MacBook by pressing “Power” button

Day threesugars legacy stables. Step 2: After few seconds, turn On your computer

Step 3: Press & hold the “Command + Option + P + R” key on together on Mac and restart the device again

Step 4: Now, keep holding the keys enough until your MacBook restarts

Step 5: When you hear startup sound, simply the keys

Step 6: keen in mind that some of your settings have been reset.

Step 7: Once done, please check if the problem is resolved.

Procedure 2: Update or reinstall Bootcamp drivers windows 10

Step 1: Connect your Mac to Internet

Step 2: Open “Boot Camp Assistant” from “Utilities” folder

Step 3: When the assistant opens deselect all options, but make sure that Download the latest Windows support software from Apple is checked.

Step 4: Now, click on “Continue”

Step 5: Connect USB Flash drive as destination disk and click on “Continue”

Step 6: Enter your administrator username & password and download drivers to your USB flash drive

Step 7: After the drivers have been downloaded quit Boot Camp Assistant window

Step 8: Go to “System Preferences > Startup Disk > Windows volume icon in the list of drivers”

Step 9: Click on “Restart”


Step 10: After restart, open Boot Camp folder in flash drive and install the Bootcamp drivers windows 10

Step 11: In the confirmation dialog box, press “Yes” button

Step 12: After installation finish, restart your computer and please check Boot Camp drivers not working windows 10 problem is resolved.

Procedure 3: Install the latest version of your audio drivers (From MacOS Installation Disk)

Step 1: Start your Mac and boot into Windows

Step 2: Insert your Mac OS installation Disk

Step 3: if Installer Windows doesn’t appear automatically, click “Start button> Computer > Drive contains Mac OS Disk > Boot Camp folder > Setup.exe > Install”

Step 4: Follow On-Screen instructions to install. Once done restart your computer.

Procedure 4: Repair the Boot Camp Drivers

Step 1: Start your Mac and boot into Windows

Step 2: Insert Mac OS installation Disk

Step 3: If the installer Windows doesn’t appear automatically, then follow ‘step 3’ of ‘Procedure 3’ to do this

Step 4: After that, click on “Repair” and follow On-Screen instructions to finish the repairing process

Step 5: Once done, restart your Mac and please check if the problem is resolved.

Procedure 5: How to download and install the latest audio drivers?

Step 1: Open your browser and visit official website of your PC’s audio device manufacturer

Step 2: Find the latest audio drivers for Windows 10 in the list and download it in your computer

Step 3: double-click on the “setup file” or “downloaded file” and follow on-screen instructions to finish the installation.

Step 4: Once done, restart your computer to save the changes.


I am sure this article helped you to fix Boot Camp drivers not working windows 10 with easy solutions. You can install Boot Camp on Mac device if you want to install/run Windows operating System and Windows applications on your MacOS based devices. If you have any suggestion or queries, please write on comment box given below.


For a new installation of Windows 10 Creators Update on an Apple Mac using Boot Camp, you must first install the Windows 10 Anniversary Update using the ISO file, and then update to Windows 10 Creators Update.

If you try to do a clean install of the Creators Update, you will get a Stop error with the code 0xc000000f in winload.efi.


To clean install Windows 10 in Boot Camp, first download the Windows 10 Anniversary Update ISO:

  1. From your Mac, go to https://www.microsoft.com/software-download/windows10
    Note The download site detects what Operating System you are using, and will only give you the correct options to do this if you go to the site from a Mac.

  2. Review the information under Before you begin, and how to create installation media.

  3. Under Select Edition, choose the Windows 10 Anniversary Update that matches your edition.

  4. Press Confirm.

Install Windows 10 using the Windows 10 Anniversary Update ISO media. You can find more info here.

After Windows 10 is installed, you will be offered the Creators Update as a normal part of the Windows Update process, or you can trigger the update manually by booting into Windows 10, visiting the Windows 10 download siteand choosing “Update Now”.

Mac Bootcamp Windows

If you already attempted to install the Creators Update and see the Stop error with the code 0xc000000f, you will need to use Boot Camp Assistant to remove the Windows partition using the steps found here.

Mac Bootcamp Windows 10

Mac Bootcamp Windows Drivers