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If eye makeup usually feels too complicated for you, prepare to love these cream eyeshadows. Ahead, the 10 best formulas for easy application and all-day wear. Highly pigmented powder. Applies evenly, blends well. Can be used wet or dry. Available in a wide variety of textures and finishes. The magic of this eyeshadow is hard to catch on camera unless you pile it on (even then it still looks good). “Lounge,” an appropriately sultry name, is a duo-chrome dragon-scale green that shifts to red and brown, depending on which way you turn. MAC;Eyes On MAC Collection - Eye Shadow x 9;Amber Times Nine - Includes: Cozy Grey (Cool Grey - Matte), Kitties (Pale Bronze - Frost), Georgia Peach (Dirty Rose Pink - Matte), Ricepaper (Peachy Gold With Shimmer - Frost), Creative Copper (Light beige - Lustre), Cork (Muted Golden Brown - Satin), Don't Tell (Sparkly Brown - Lustre), Aromatic (Matte Brown - Matte) and Pepper Please (Sparkly. MAC Omega Eyeshadow Adding to list of warm/neutral eye shadows is Omega. It is a vivid nude color that would match all your moods and outfits. It is a biscuit brown color that can be used as a crease shade to blend with other colors.

If you have brown shaded eyes and an olive skin tone then you should be a bit conscious while selecting your eye shadows. If you are a MAC lover then what you should be doing is that you have to mix up the eyeshadow shades, you have to make their combos. Right here at this page, we will be telling you about the best MAC eyeshadows combinations for brown eyes olive skin:

Best MAC Eyeshadows Combinations For Brown Eyes Olive Skin

What kind of MAC eyeshadows combinations you should be making for your brown eyes?

You should be using an Amber light kind of shadow right inside of your eyes. And then you should be applying that copper eyeshadow shadow on the rest of your eyes. You can make a combo of that cranberry shade right at the corner eye of your eyes too.
It is seen that Humid shade and aquadisiac shades also go perfectly together! You can try this kind of combo too. Try that knight divine and a luster shade too. You have to make the combo of asphalt black and a silver pearl shade. This will be the best MAC eyeshadow combination for brown eyes and olive skin tone girls. If you will be mixing this asphalt black and silver pearl shade then your eyes will be getting a blackened grey kind of look.
You can make a smudging of gold eyeshadow shade along with the orange eye shadow shade if you have brown eyes and an olibe skin tone. This golden shaded smudging should be applied at your lower lash line and then the rest of shade in orange hue will be applied at the rest of your eyes.

What Other MAC Eyeshadows Combinations You Can Make?

  • If girls are having brown shaded eyes then they can make their eyes more of the attractive looking by coming up with the eyeshadow combination of olive and a green shade. It will be the veluxe pearl shade and will look dazzling on your eyes.
  • You can give a velvety shade to your eyes too! It will be the contrast of navy and a purple shade. No doubt this kind of eye shadow combo will look great and best on your eyes.
  • We can now give you the last tip for the girls having an olive skin tone and brown eyes, they can make their eyeshadow combos by taking midtone kind of purple shade and that shimmering bluish in purple shade. It is a gorgeous shade.
    So these are the best MAC eyeshadows combinations for brown eyes and olive skin. Try them up and share us your feedback.

Mac Matte Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes

Eye shadow is one of the most important makeup products. In a matter of moments, eye shadows transform our eyes from dull and tame to bold and beautiful. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant, alluring finish, sexy smokey eyes, or bright and perky lids for the summer, there’s only one place to turn: MAC. Check out these 10 best eye shadows from MAC and enjoy sultry, alluring eyes like you’ve never experienced before.

1. Duchess: Eye Shadow X4

Smokey eyes is one of the most popular ways to do eye makeup. It’s sophisticated yet intriguing, sensual, and alluring all in one. The Duchess: Eye Shadow X4 from MAC is the perfect eye shadow palette for achieving this look. With four decadent brown colors ranging from light to dark, it’s easy to transform your eyes into rich, alluring smokey eyes that turn heads. This palette is only $44 but it’s the only eye shadow you’ll need in your makeup bag. Definitely a number 1 seller!

2. MAC Eye Shadow – Vanilla (Velvet)

MAC is known for their flawless eye shadows, producing a gorgeous finish with plenty of color impact. And while there are tons of high impact colors to choose from, Vanilla (Velvet) is one of the most popular. It’s incredibly easy to apply and glides on the eyelid, blending evenly for a stunning finish. This cute color is certainly one of the best if you’re seeking a lighter, more feminine shade, perfect for the summertime. For only $15, this beautifully light pink shade is a must-have for any makeup bag. Definitely an essential color for the spring/summer season!

3. Nude: Eye Shadow X4

Simple, natural looking makeup is all the rage right now. That being said, the Nude: Eye Shadow X4 palette is an extremely popular product from MAC. It comes complete with four different lighter, more natural tones of brown to produce that nude, makeup-less look. The combination builds beautifully for an easily blended, flawless finish that can’t be ignored. If you’re into the natural style, we highly recommended this 4-in-1 piece for only $44.

Mac Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes

4. Mineralize Eye Shadow: Blue Flame

This Mineralize Eye Shadow can only be described in a single word: intense. While the lightweight formula builds lightly with each application, the final product produces a vibrant, shocking blue color that will certainly turn heads. For only $22, you can experience this intense eye shadow color that is daunting and daring, perfect for trips to the club with your gal pals or days where you really want to make a statement. I mean, just look at that blue color. You just can’t get that anywhere else.

5. Mineralize Eye Shadow (Duo): Ever Amethyst

When it comes to applying eye makeup, it can be rather annoying having to open up several different shadows to mix and match. MAC decided to make application ten times easier with the Mineralize Eye Shadow (Duo). This sensational product gives you two coordinating sheer colors that blend beautifully together. One of the most popular Mineralize Eye Shadow (Duo) colors is none other than the Ever Amethyst. It’s a beautiful combination of an alluring plum and dark shade of brown , together creating a soft yet sensual color combo that can be worn just about anywhere. This 2-in-1 product is only $22- quite a steal, especially considering this is one of MAC’s best products!

6. Studio Sculpt Shade and Line

It’s a women’s dream come true: a product that not only has two gorgeous coordinating eye shadow colors, but also has bold eye liner built right into the palette. This handy product makes it easy to throw on your eye makeup, leaving you with a matte-like flawless finish that kills. Together the fantastic and flexible trio can easily create matte, sparkle, or metallic finishes. We love all 8 of the color combinations, but what we especially love about this product is: 1. Apply this eye makeup wet for extremely bold and vibrant colors that will stop onlookers in their tracks. 2. Or apply this palette dry for easy buildable coverage that creates soft, yet very well blended colors. It’s a must have product, especially because it’s only $21! (Seriously!)

Mac Makeup For Brown Eyes

7. Pro Longwear Paint Pot

The Pro Longwear Paint Pot is a unique product from MAC, featuring a creamy base that glides on eyelids and can easily be paired with any of MAC’s eyeshadows or liners. We’re in love with all 23 of the sensational colors, and love the bold and vibrant effect they have on our eyes. Not to mention the incredibly long lasting wear of this makeup. Enjoy easy application that goes on creamy but dries into a lightweight, non-cakey product that will turn heads.

8. Pro Longwear Eye Shadow

If you want eye shadow that can last up to 8 hours no matter what you’re doing or where you’re at, then the Pro Longwear Eye Shadow is the product for you. There’s 12 eye-catching colors to choose from, each having a silky and creamy texture that goes on smooth and leaves eyes looking flawless and feeling fresh. Wear it to the office, wear it to the gym. This eye shadow has the power to stay beautiful even after hours of use- all for only $21.

9. MAC Eye Shadow: Carbon

Mac Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes

There’s no other eye shadow on planet earth that is more dramatic than carbon. It’s bold, dark, and has that gothic/mysterious essence we all crave once in awhile. This product has the highly-pigmented powder we love with the bold, enticing color we crave. Use this easy-to-apply powder all over the eyelid for an extra dramatic effect or pair it with some complementing colors to tame it down.

10. Mineralize Eye Shadow (Quad)

Gamestop folklore ps3

If you’re a fan of the lightweight mineral eye shadows from MAC, you will love this 4-in-1 product. The Mineralize Eye Shadow (Quad) features four alluring colors that are remarkably blendable for a smooth, perfect finish. Choose between 5 different lovely color palettes for only $22 each.

Needless to say, we have an obsession with MAC eye shadows. We love all of the different colors and color combination that provide very enticing finishes. You simply can’t get better products than MAC.

Which is your favorite eye shadow from MAC?


Mac Eyeshadow Tutorial For Brown Eyes

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