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View and Download Makita MAC700 owner's manual online. Oil Lubricated Air Compressor. MAC700 air compressor pdf manual download.

Makita MAC700 Air Compressor User Manual. Of 20 OWNERS MANUAL FOR. Oil Lubricated Air Compressor. SPECIFICATION CHART. Makita disclaims liability for any implied warranties, including implied warranties of 'merchantability' and 'fitness for a specific purpose,' after the one year term of this warranty.

Makita’s Big Bore is absolutely one of the toughest air compressors in the market today. It is because of its massive capabilities that do not turn back against the roughest jobs. At 61 pounds and 22 inches high, it is designed with great power in order to handle heavy-duty power tools. And as a bonus, it is comparatively very affordable for its remarkable features.

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  • Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 HP Air Compressor Review
    • Cons of Makita MAC700

Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 HP Air Compressor Review

Automotive-Size Air Filter

Makita MAC700 utilizes automotive-size air filters in order to maximize its aerial aperture, thus keeping up with its compression power. This is also well supported by its 2.6 gallon tank with the pressure of 130 psi, enabling it to provide 40-90 psi.

Big Bore Pump

Epson m129h receipt printer drivers. Its powerful big bore pump makes Makita MAC700 unique among other air compressors. Other brands attempt to copy this feature, but unfortunately, they failed to do so. It exhibits strength and durability for it is not only physically designed to provide supreme performance, but also reinforced to last longer as well as endure extreme duties.

Fast Cooling Motor

This feature of Makita MAC700 aids in the prevention of fast exhaustion that usually challenges heavy-duty industrial compressors. It also avoids overtime work for the compressor, provides fast recovery from extreme work, and gives longer operating hours.

Iron Material

Like Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit, Makita is definitely heavy-duty as compared to other brands in the market. Being pumped in iron allows it to provide hardcore blows and bores and also faster recovery time. When it comes to power, its pump’s max motor rotation of 1,720 (which is normally low) yields an increased air pressure and releases a compression power at a full capacity of 2 horsepower. This output is extraordinarily powerful at a low rpm.

Low Energy Requirement

Makita is designed with low AMP capacity, which safeguards the motor from remarkable voltage reduction as well as electrical volatility. This is one of Makita’s assets that boost its efficient work. Since it does not consume tremendous amounts of energy, the low AMP turns Makita into a power saver.

Oil Drain

In order to facilitate effective oil removal, Makita MAC700 is built with oil drain and oil slight glass. Moreover, its tank drain valve is advanced while the tubing can be used for releasing heat after use.

Makita Mac700 Air Compressor Manual


Minute air compressors

Minute air compressors, such as bicycle pumps, are utilized in some homemade guns for application of pressure. The guns, however, may develop cracks while trialling in making your own gun, so it is advisable to not forget wearing safety goggles.
Uncontaminated compressed air

Clean compressed air is vital to many people. There are innumerable things that infect the compressed air system like water, oil, and dust. Makita MAC700 will unleash its power in filtering out contaminants from the compressed air in order to get uncontaminated compressed air.

Oil-Lubricated Pump

Returning to its job after a short break will not lead to any long-term damages for the pump can be easily lubricated with oil.

Portable Design

Makita MAC700 undoubtedly possesses the highest mobility among all Big Bore Compressors, since its structural design makes it to be carried easily. It has a roll bar, which is expediently covered with a no-slip rubber handle. Its base feet also effectively shield the tank from any probable damage.

Silent Motor Pump

Makita MAC700 does not make noise and is less shaky for its small size, as opposed to its competitors. This feature makes it an absolute gizmo for numerous households. Small sized air compressors such as Makita MAC700 can help you personalize various items such as motorbikes, scooters, cars, and even motorbike helmets.

Pros of Makita MAC700

  • Makita MAC700 Big Bore unleashes extra strength and power in boring as well as stroking, just like other Big Bore compressors.
  • Its motor is safeguarded against mechanically mild to significant reduction in voltage, wear and tear, as well as mechanical failures.
  • Its cast iron cyclinder prevents wear and it escalates pump life span.
  • Its roll bar handle makes it portable and gives extra protection.
  • Its oil sight glass enables speedy, easy, and effectual maintenance.
  • The product manual includes instructions that are vivid and easy to comprehend.
  • It can be utilized in carrying out smaller jobs.
  • With its unique power, it can absolutely do the work for you.
  • It is remarkably more affordable for a 2.0 HP air compressor.
  • Since it makes use of air pressure, it is preferred than the electric sander. Unlike electric sanders, air sanders do not heat up and can be used in a longer period of time.

Makita Mac700 Manual

Cons of Makita MAC700

  • Makita MAC700 is an oil-lubricated air compressor. This means that it needs oil changes.
  • Some users find it uncomfortable to use it at home due to its size and weight.
  • It possesses advanced specifications that challenge inexperienced users.

What application is this product used for?

Below are various applications for buying an air compressor like Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 HP. It can be used not only for work purposes but also for fun activities and hobbies like:
Makita MAC700 air compressor can also be used to make snow and inflate tires. It can also be utilized to eradicate rust, paint, or filths from wood or metal. The high amount of pressure from the air compressor can also be used to clean up driveways, cars, and other materials as well. In aquatics and diving, various special air compressors are utilized in order to warrant the security of the divers. The compressed air is filtered and then used for breathing gas contained in the diving cylinders. It can be utilized to make an object smooth. Last but not the least, it can be used for blowing off dust from furniture such as tables, chairs, and devices. The pressure that is used should not be that high in order to avoid causing damage to the item being cleaned.

Makita Mac700 Manual

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