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The dotted line refers to automatic page break. To remove all the manual page breaks from a sheet (when the number of printing pages exceeds 1), follow the below-mentioned steps: Select all the cells in the sheet by pressing Ctrl+A. Press Ctrl+A+A from a cell in the Current Region/List. Or click Select All at the corner of the sheet’s. See full list on professor-excel.com. Jul 28, 2013 So, instead of the ALT+Enter shortcut we need to enter CTRL+J, this is the shortcut to the line break which is character 10 in the ASCII control code. You can search for line breaks using this shortcut instead. So if we want to find and place out line breaks with a space. Select the cells you want to search.

Manual Line Break Excel 2016 Macro


There are few quick methods to remove the line breaks and carriage returns in cells.
By default you might not know an easy and quick way to do this but it is fairly simple, either with just Excel, or with the help of ASAP Utilities.

Let's say we have the following example.
In this case the author has used the shortcut Alt+Enter to put the last name on a new line.
But now we need it together on a single line, with a space between the first- and last name instead of a line break.
Instead of:

we need
Bastien Mensink, etc. etc.

Line Break Excel Formula

Method 1, with Excel only

If you want to replace these line-breaks with for example a space, you can do this with Excel's find/replace command.

In the 'Find what:' box you can enter the line-break code, which is character number 10.
To do this, press and hold the Alt key, and then enter the numbers 010 from the numeric part of the keyboard.
On my computer in the box there is then a small dot blinking when the cursor is still in the entry box.
To enter the numbers you need to use the numbers from the Num-lock part of the keyboard (with the numbers above the letters on your keyboard it doesn't work). If you have data imported from another source, sometimes the line breaks are also represented by character 13 instead of 10.

In the 'Replace with:' dialog you can enter a space to have the line-breaks replaced with spaces. You can also leave that blank to have the line-breaks removed.

Method 2, with ASAP Utilities

You can use the following tool from ASAP Utilities to remove or replace the line-breaks:
Text » Advanced character remove or replace..


In the dialogue you can click on the 'Line breaks' button to remove or replace the line break characters in the selected cells:

Manual Line Break Excel 2016 Mac Download


Method 3, with ASAP Utilities

You can use the following tool from ASAP Utilities to remove or replace the line-breaks:
Atl 2006 bdrip. Range » Find and/or replace in all sheets..

Line Break Excel Cell

To search for the line break you can enter the code {lf}, to search for the carriage return you can use {cr}: