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It is fair to say that Mass Effect 3 was so anticipated when it was first released that it was near impossible for it to live up to expectations. Now the game has been out for more than a few years, I think looking back that the folks at BioWare and EA really did a wonderful job in bringing what at the time was supposed to be a trilogy. It is one of the best sci-fi series ever created and even now, it is worth going back and playing through it all.

Buy mass effect 3 pc digital download

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Commander Sheppard, You Are Our Only Hope

Many people at the time felt that the story in Mass Effect 3 was a bit of a letdown. The first two games in the series did such a great job in making you feel like your decisions mattered, but in this game, they are kind of pushed to the side. I would not say that they are just flat out ignored as many others would, but it does make this game feel like it stands on its own more.

Talking about the story is really hard as I do not want to spoil it as the story is one of the best things this series has going for it. All you need to know is that the whole galaxy is in danger as The Reapers are coming and only Commander Sheppard can save the day. Game on tv series download. BioWare did go and change the ending to the game and I feel that they changed it for the better in all honesty.


How Are You Going To Play?

Mass Effect 3 Pc Digital Download

One of the coolest things that Mass Effect 3 did was give players the option of how they wanted to play. You can play the game in RPG Mode which is the full mode and the only way to play if you want my honest opinion. You can also play the game in a more action mode that takes away most of the dialogue choices and you can even play the game in a more story-based mode which strips away most of the challenging action sections!

The Best of the Best!

While I do not think the story, here is the best in the series, I certainly feel that the gameplay is. By the time we got here, BioWare perfected the Mass Effect formula. From the first-person shooter action scenes, to the dialogue-heavy moral choices that you have to make. It feels like everything that you are doing in this game is building up to something.Mass Effect 3 is a massive game and a game I have put a ton of hours into, but I never felt like I was wasting my time no matter what it was I was doing. The game has the perfect blend of exploration, action, and talking for me and it really is one of the best RPGs of its generation.


Super Slick

The visuals of the game are fantastic and hold up very well to this day. While the game was released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and even the Nintendo Wii U. I feel that the PC really brings this game to life in a way that the consoles of the day just could not, playing this game on max settings really is a joy to behold.

As you can tell from my review today, I am a massive fan of this series. I know that at the time we were a bit disappointed with how Mass Effect 3 ended, but after the mess that was Andromeda. It really made me appreciate more what a fantastic cinematic masterpiece this series was and I do not have any complaints in regards to how this game brought the trilogy to a close. I would say that to get the best out of this you need to play the first two games before jumping in here.

Buy Mass Effect 3 Pc Digital Download


  • The gameplay is the best in the series
  • You can play the game in three different ways
  • Both versions of Commander Sheppard offer fantastic voice acting
  • Tons of stuff to do
  • I liked the way it brought it to a close

Buy Mass Effect 3 Pc Digital Download


  • You do need to have played the first two games to get the most out of this
  • The ending, while fine for me is still a sore point for others
Overall rating: 9