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Honouring the ACCI Class of 2020

Picket drop-off or pick-up
Week of June 15-19
Drama Studio Exterior Door (Door #2)

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Well, it’s the Time of COVID (and so many other changes in the world), and you’re finishing your high school career–a non-school year–not a bang, but a whimper.

So let’s turn it around, and do something that will leave YOUR legacy at the school.


All students in the ACCI Class of 2020 are invited to decorate and personalize a fence picket.

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Some fences are built to keep people out.
Some fences divide.
Our fence will be a legacy of:


Each personalized fence piece will become part of a larger installation that includes the ENTIRE CLASS OF 2020!

This is a chance to leave your signature on the school community, in a gesture that links us together in the spirit of positivity.

This is your chance to be part of something that shows your character, your resilience, and your individuality!

You can personalize your picket in any manner you wish, using any medium.

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How to Personalize:
Paint a masterpiece (or just one colour)…

Write a hashtag or inspirational quote…

Say something that’s important to YOU!

Not feeling artistic, simply write your name.

Paint a flag, decorate it like a locker…

Mr mac s class home improvement

List your teams and clubs…


You can use paint, marker, glitter, anything…

It’s totally up to you.

Think of it as one last group project before you graduate AND RULE THE WORLD! Creative labs sb0090 driver downloadwestcoastfree.

The fence will be displayed outside in the last week of June!

So…let’s build a fence and inspire the community with positivity and good vibes!

Btw, your teachers have been busy in the last week decorating pickets for you and…


From June 8-15, pickets will be available at your assigned school entrance.

Fence Drop-Off:
Bring finished pickets to Exterior Door #2 (Drama Studio), from 1PM to 2PM, on June 16 to 19.

For more information about this project:
Send a message to: [email protected]

If you can’t make it to school to pick-up a piece, send a message to Mr. Mac and we’ll figure it out.

Here’s a video explaining the project:

Fence Picket FAQs:

“Do I have to put my name on the picket?”

“Do I have to decorate the back?”
-No, the back of your picket will NOT be seen.

“Do I decorate the sides and top?”
-As seen in the picture, the pickets will be touching each other, but since they are different heights, it’s best to paint the sides and the top.

“What can I write?”
-Anything. Just remember the spirit of this project is CELEBRATION, INSPIRATION, and POSITIVITY!

“What are the dimensions of the pickets?”
-Each piece is approximately 6cm wide, and 70-90cm high.

“Will the school be supplying paint?”
-Sorry, with physical distancing measures, we cannot supply paint.

“Can my club or team decorate one too?”
-Absolutely! Make sure you collaborate with the coach/supervisor.

“I’m not in Grade 12, can I paint one too?”
-Yes. Well, sort of. You can paint a picket for a club, team, or special event. Send a message to Mr. Mac to arrange details.

Okay Class of 2020 (and juniors too), let’s do this!
Mr. Mac

Here are some samples of fence pickets from teachers:

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To prepare our students, the items listed are particularly useful but not mandatory for our grade 6 class:
1. Pens (Red & Blue or Black)
2. 3 binders (1.5 inch), 2 dividers for each binder
3. A box of pencils
4. Erasers
5. A box of thin washable markers
6. 2 glue sticks
7. Scissors
8. A highlighter
9. A pencil sharpener with a lid
A box of coloured pencil crayons
11. 2 boxes of Kleenex
12. 1 pencil case (no hard cases)
13. 1 box of Small Ziploc bags
14. A pair of indoor running shoes with non-marking soles
15. Ruler

16. Calculator
17. Protractor
18. Lined loose paper

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