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Nba Live 07 Pc

We Have To admit it - we're guilty of owning the odd novelty LA Lakers jersey from our trips to la-la-land, but you don't have to be a hardened bailer to see that things haven't changed much in EA's latest basketball update, which is instantly familiar if you've played last year's edition - or even a couple of years previous to that.


Still, there's a solid basketball sim here and fast-paced multiplayer bouts are enjoyable even if you're basketball-ignorant. In terms of actual changes - obligatory graphical updates excluded (there seems to be some fancy new sweat technology going on) - NBA 07 owners can look out for updated Freestyle Superstar Skills that can now be switched on-the-fly. The Dynasty mode has also improved, letting you manage yourl team to balling stardom, along with fancy ESPN integration, touted in most of the EA Sports titles this year.

Nba Live 07 Soundtrack

While a lot of work has obviously been put into improving upon last year's NBA Live, we can't help but feel that EA might be over-saturating things by piling 'Moral Meters' and 'Superstar Skills' on top of the core ball gameplay. Whatever happened to just throwing some balls into hoops, looking good in a vest-top and being far too tall for most other things in life? It's still one of the best basketball sims available, just don't expect much beyond recycled goods.


NBA Live is a series of basketball video games published by EA Sports.The series, which has had releases annually from 1994 to 2009, 2013 to 2015, and 2017-2018, is the successor to EA's previous NBA Playoffs and NBA Showdown series. NBA Live 07 is the 2006 installment of the NBA Live series by EA Sports. It was released on Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Windows, and iPhone. Summary: The 2007 game of EA's hoops sim, designed with a new development philosophy that drives gameplay and feature innovation. Platforms:PC, Xbox 360. Download idm full version with crack free.