Nvms7000 On Mac Manual


Setting Up IP Cameras

Please choose from the following instructions to set up your IP cameras:

Option A. Connect IP Camera directly to your NVR Ethernet port (Plug n Play)

Nvms7000 user manual

To fix it, you need to uninstall the previous NVMS7000 Mac from the Mac Applications folder. (Important) Uninstall the broken version, don't overwrite the existing. Select NVMS7000 & drop to the trash can First, that will do the uninstall. Selection from Mac OS X Snow Leopard: The Missing Manual Book. Download NVMS7000 for PC/Mac/Windows 7,8,10 and have the fun experience of using the smartphone Apps on Desktop or personal computers. New and rising App, NVMS7000 developed by Brovision Technology for Android is available for free in the Play Store. Nvms7000 on mac manual. Assembly and mounting instructions for the Quick Hitch version of the 5-VL and 5-20-VL. Assembly and mounting instructions for the Quick Hitch version of the 5-VL and 5-20-VL. Mounting For Gravely Tractor (Jan1979) 28 KB (posted 04/12/04) (reduced file size & enhanced image04/14/04). This video will show you how to install, program and use the basic features of the nvms7000 for your PC or MAC. TVT has a long history of working towards technology research and development and application, owning integrated product lines including HD IP camera, HD coaxial camera, HD NVR, HD DVR and so on, providing system storing and controlling solutions, which has been widely applied to industries such as safe city, transportation finance, real estate, education, commercial chain, park etc.

Step 1. Turn on your NVR

Step 2. Connect your IPC to your NVR Ethernet port via a cat5e/cat6 cable

(Connect additional 12VDC power supply to your camera if your NVR does not support PoE)

Step 3. The IP Camera should automatically pop up on the NVR screen or NVR Camera setting menu in 2-5 minutes.

Option B. Connect IP Camera to your computer/ NVR without Ethernet port through PoE switch/router

Step 1. Follow the PoE switch/router manufacturer instruction to setup your PoE switch/router

Nvms7000 manual

Step 2. Connect the cat5e/cat6 network cable to any LAN port on the PoE switch/router and to the IP Camera

(Connect additional 12VDC power supply to your camera if your switch/router does not support PoE)

Step 3. Install SADP program on your computer (to search the IP Address information of the camera)

Step 4. Once installation is completed, the new IPC will be shown in the SADP online device list.

Step 5. If needed, you may modify the IPC network parameters and use default password of '12345' to save changes.

Step 6a. Open any web browser on your computer, type the device IP address on the address bar and login using the default username'admin' and password '12345'

( to download the plugin file for Safari for MAC users)

Step 6b. You can also view and manage your IPC via the LaView Net/NVMS7000 Client Program on your or

Step 6c. You can also add the IPC in your NVR manually by typing in the IP address and credentials of the IPC into the camera configuration menu.

to download complete user manual for IP Cameras

NVMS7000 Live View & Remote Playback

1. Download the NVMS7000

2. For the first time run, please select the Region first.

3. Main Screen should look like this:

4. LTS Logo = Main Menu

Adding IP Address to Device List

1. Click Logo (Side Menu Appears) → Devices

2. Select Manual Adding

3. Then, enter IP information:

Alias: Location Nickname

Registration Mode: IP Domain

Address: IP / dvrlists address

Port 8000 (Note: mobile app also required 8554)

User: admin (DVR username)

Password: ••••• (DVR password)

4. Click Save icon, then click Start Live View to see Live Video.

Select Camera List / Favorites

1. Press Camera List (Top Right Icon).

2. Select or de-select the camera from the list.

3. You can save the current selected camera to a Favorite Group

4. Click Start Live View to see the video.

*Useful Tips

1. Maximum amount of channels is 16CH. If you have more than 16, you can save as two different groups (1-16, and 17-32). Switch from one to the other.

2. You can save multiple IP Cameras as one favorite group

3. For slow internet speed connection, you can use Favorite to reduce camera connections.

Remote Playback

1. Night lettersthird grade reading streets. Go to Camera List (top right icon).

2. Use the timeline to drag between times.

Note: Recap Video Button is desiged for short moment backup. Dragging the timeline will cause recording to stop. If you try to back up for a long period of time, use PC to do the backup instead.

Live View → PTZ Control

1. Select toggle switch from bottom menu.

2. Drag finger on screen to move camera in desired direction.

3. Select Preset function

Change Image Quality

Nvms7000 Manual

1. Click on Image Quality icon (fourth icon from bottom)

2. Select Custom

3. Adjust the quality according to the performance of your network and phone hardware

Note: For more details, refer to help section. Configuration → Help

Alarm (Push Notifications)

Note: In order to use this feature, your IP camera/ DVR/ NVR must enable Motion Detection or VCA function, and Notify Surveillance Center must enable it.

1. Click on LTS Logo, and select Alarm from side menu

2. Choose which Camera to enable Push Notification

3. You'll view an Alarm Linkage in red

4. Press Alarm Linkage and Choose one of options given.

Nvms7000 On Mac

Picture and Video

1. With Picture and video Management Interface, you can view and manage local video file and pictures that you manually record (clip) and capture in Live View and Remote Playback interface. Pictures and video files are stored in the NVMS7000 directory of micro SD card. You can also share pictures and videos to other available applications.

2. Share or Delete video using the Pencil icon in top right.

Help / Manual

1. You can find the User Manual from your Mobile App.

Nvms7000 User Manual

2. Go to Menu → Configuration → Help

Nvms7000 On Mac Manually

3. For more help, visit our website: http://www.ltsecurityinc.com

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