Picking occurs when the force of an ink film exceeds the paper's pick resistance, or surface strength. (See Pick Resistance.) There are two forms of picking: dry picking happens when water is not present; wet picking is the result of decreased pick resistance stemming from exposure to moisture prior to printing. Single pin picking, or SPP for short, is the style of lock picking in which you locate and set one pin at a time and is considered the purest form of lock picking. Look amazing on every device with new responsive themes. While SPP is not always the quickest method of bypassing a lock, it is the most reliable and most skillful. Skin picking disorder is a body focused repetitive behavior (BFRB) that affects about 1.4% of adults in the United States. People with skin picking disorder may repeatedly pick, pull, or tear at. Body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs) are intense urges like biting, picking, and pulling that can cause damage. As many as 1 in 20 people have a BFRB, but they can be dismissed as “bad.

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2. pickings Something or a group of things that are or may be picked.
b. A share of spoils.
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(ˈpɪkɪŋ) n
the act of picking someone or somethingthe act of gathering fruit or vegetables from the plantthe act of undoing a lock using something other than a key
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Noun1.picking - the quantity of a crop that is harvested; 'he sent the first picking of berries to the market'; 'it was the biggest peach pick in years'
output, yield, production - the quantity of something (as a commodity) that is created (usually within a given period of time); 'production was up in the second quarter'
2.picking - the act of picking (crops or fruit or hops etc.)
manual labor, manual labour - labor done with the hands
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1. [of fruit etc] → recolecciónf, cosechaf; (= act of choosing) → elecciónf, selecciónf
2.pickings (= leftovers) → restosmpl, sobrasfpl; (= profits) → gananciasfpl
there are rich pickings for bargain hunters at these salesen esta liquidación hay pingüesbeneficios para los quevana lacaza de gangas
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Picking long islandn
pickingsplAusbeutef; (= stolen goods)Beutef; most office workers regard pens as legitimate pickingsdie meistenBüroangestelltensehen es als ihr Recht an, Kulismitgehen zu lassen(inf)oreinzustecken; she went along to see if there were any pickingssie ging hin, um zu sehen, ob es für sie was zu holengab; there are rich pickings to be hadda gibt es reicheBeute; easy pickings for thievesleichteBeute für Diebe

Picking Southern California

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