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  1. Portfolio

Portfolio may refer to:


  • Portfolio (briefcase), a type of briefcase


A portfolio is a collection of financial investments like stocks, bonds, commodities, cash, and cash equivalents, as well as their fund counterparts. Quickly and simply build a personalized website to showcase your creative work with Adobe Portfolio. Now included free with any Creative Cloud subscription. Portfolio definition is - a hinged cover or flexible case for carrying loose papers, pictures, or pamphlets.

  • Portfolio (finance), a collection of assets held by an institution or a private individual
  • Artist's portfolio, a sample of an artist's work or a case used to display artwork, photographs etc.
  • Career portfolio, an organized presentation of an individual's education, work samples, and skills
  • Electronic portfolio, a collection of electronic documents
  • IT portfolio, in IT portfolio management, the portfolio of large classes of items of enterprise Information Technology
  • Patent portfolio, a collection of patents owned by a single entity
  • Project portfolio, in project portfolio management, the portfolio of projects in an organization
  • Ministry (government department), the post and responsibilities of a head of a government department


  • Atari Portfolio, a palmtop computer
  • Extensis Portfolio, a digital asset manager


  • The Portfolio, a British fine arts magazine published from 1870 to 1893
  • Portfolio Magazine, an American fine arts magazine published from 1979 to 1983
  • Portfolio.com, a business magazine
  • Portfolio: An Intercontinental Quarterly, a cross-disciplinary literary journal published between 1945 and 1947
  • Portfolio, 1949 graphic design magazine by Alexey Brodovitch
  • Portfolio (publisher), a business imprint of Penguin Group in the United States


  • Almerindo Portfolio (1878–1966), businessman and New York City Treasurer

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California Brazing Portfolio Gallery

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Meeting the multi-process challenge

The Problem
Our customer needed to manufacture a brazed assembly that was to be used in a thermal management application. The challenge of this project was to produce a unit in high volume that would be capable of rapidly cooling and heating (0°C to 100°C) while maintaining tight temperature uniformity across the entire critical surface area.

E-reader for mac. The solution
We managed the entire project, from sourcing and purchasing of the appropriate materials, to brazing services, to plating, cleaning, and machining. To guarantee ultimate product performance, we provided rigid process control in combination with non-destructive testing methods, such as ultrasonic imaging and IR thermal imaging.

The Result
By combining a variety of our premium services to manufacture high volumes of this assembly, we fulfilled all of our client’s unique performance requirements. Because we exceeded our customer’s high expectations for quality and reliability, this part design is now currently being manufactured exclusively by California Brazing.

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Solving tactical problems by becoming a strategic partner

The Problem
The customer had a difficult problem: manufacturing their parts required high-quality brazing services but their brazing equipment was dated and they were losing brazing technical expertise. They knew that solving this tactical issue meant investing in a non-core process, at a time they needed additional floor space for those core processes.

The solution
California Brazing brought specific strengths to the table: process specific technical expertise; state of the art equipment; mature and proven business processes and process control with SPC analysis. Plus existing approvals and accreditations meant standardized quality and efficiency assurances. In addition, we had proven capability to manage a complex bill of materials and supply chain. By working in three distinct phases, we were able to completely transition our client’s project.

Portfolio recovery associates

The result
By outsourcing the complete manufacturing process to California Brazing — including purchasing, machining, clean room assembly, brazing, inspection, and testing the customer was able to effectively resolve their process-related issues quickly and get their product to market.

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Changing the brazing process to extend the product’s life cycle

The Problem:
California Brazing’s customer, a vendor for an aerospace manufacturer, found their product was experiencing corrosion that shortened the usable life of the product. California Brazing and the customer quickly determined the source of the corrosion to be entrapped salts that occurred during the aluminum dip braze process – clearly the product needed different brazing services.

The Solution:
California Brazing made recommendations on product design and manufacturing processes that allowed the assembly to for Vacuum Aluminum Brazing, which eliminated the entrapped salts issue, thus allowing for a longer product life cycle.

The Result
As a result of their experience with California Brazing, the customer also chose to outsource the complete manufacturing process. California Brazing is now responsible for design verification, purchasing, machining, clean room assembly, brazing, inspection, testing, and other special processes (plating, anodizing, and NDT).

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Designing a process and becoming a high-volume manufacturing partner

The Problem:
A client from the heavy machinery industry needed a brazing partner to develop a brazed joint design and manufacturing process that would maximize the shear strength and wear life of their product.

The Solution
California Brazing was placed in charge of establishing all technical specifications while also managing product quality and test requirements. Meeting ISO9001:2008 industry standards, we performed a combination of vacuum brazing, heat treating, and hardening processes to ensure our client’s product met with their unique stipulations.

The Result
The customer’s product is currently being completely manufactured by California Brazing in high production volumes, while also ensuring swift advancement to the marketplace.


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