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I have some PowerPoint presentations to show in a commercial meeting on a Mac. But my Microsoft Office always works badly. Is there any PowerPoint viewer for Mac? Thanks.

The next step is to install the transcript viewer, available here. Download the file, then type the following commands into your Terminal: cd /Downloads. Wine E-TranscriptBundleViewer-6.1.1.exe. Of course, use the version number of the file you downloaded on the last command. This will open an E-Transcript Viewer installation window. The method accepts a base64-encoded string representation of an.pptx file as an optional parameter. The resulting presentation will be a copy of that file, assuming the string argument is a valid.pptx file. The FileReader class can be used to convert a file into the required base64-encoded string, as demonstrated in the following example.

In your office life, the frequent office tool you always use is PowerPoint, especially in some meeting presentations. PowerPoint presentation is necessary to show your boss, partner, even your customers. So, a good-to-use PowerPoint viewer is very indispensable.

The built-in PowerPoint viewer is the Microsoft Office PowerPoint. If you install Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 on your computer, then you can open and read those PowerPoint files directly. However, PowerPoint Office does not always work well.

So here, you need to find the best PowerPoint viewer. In this post, we will share you PowerPoint viewer for Mac, online and for mobile device like iPad or Android phone.

PowerPoint Viewer

Part 1. Best 2 free PowerPoint viewers online for Windows and Mac

Online PowerPoint viewers are the widely used viewers for most users.

PowerPoint Online - Online PowerPoint viewer with Microsoft account

If you have Microsoft account, then you can read PowerPoint files on web.

Step 1 Go to https://office.live.com/start/PowerPoint.aspx, and log in your Microsoft account.

Step 2 Click 'File' > 'Open' > 'Open form OneDrive' to upload your PowerPoint files on local computer, or the files that have been stored on OneDrive.

1. You need to upload your own PowerPoint files to OneDrive, and OneDrive only provides you free 5GB cloud storage.

2. If you have very confidential PowerPoint files, you are suggested not to use online PowerPoint viewer for online web is not 100% safe.

Google Slides - Online PowerPoint reader

Google Sildes is another one free online PowerPoint viewer, you can also free to use this online PowerPoint viewer.

Step 1 Go to https://docs.google.com/presentation/?usp=mkt_slides, click the Plus image to add PowerPoint files.

Step 2 In the pop-up PowerPoint interface, click 'File' > 'Import slides' to upload your own PowerPoint files, then click 'File' > 'Open' > chose the PowerPoint file you just uploaded to Drive for reading.


1. Drive provides you free 15GB storage for PowerPoint files storage.

2. You have to run Microsoft Office 2003.

Part 2. Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer (2010 and before)

If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 installed on your computer, then you can still open and view PowerPoint presentations by using PowerPoint Viewer.

PowerPoint Viewer is the free to let you view full-featured presentations created in PowerPoint 97 and later versions with full fidelity. This viewer also supports opening password-protected Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

Step 1 Free download PowerPoint viewer here, https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8255, then install it on your computer.

Step 2 After installing PowerPoint viewer, double-click this reader to import PowerPoint file or files.

Step 3 You can present the PowerPoint files in full screen. If you want to read other PowerPoint files, you need to click 'Menu' > 'End Show' to load other PPT files.

Check the following list to see what PowerPoint file type and Windows computer system support for this free PowerPoint viewer.

PowerPoint filename extensions.ppt, .pptx, .pptm, .pot, .potx, .potm, .pps, .ppsx and .ppsm
Presentations created in the Microsoft Office programsMicrosoft PowerPoint 2010
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
Microsoft PowerPoint 2002
Microsoft PowerPoint 2000
Microsoft PowerPoint 97
Windows systemWindows 7, Windows Server 2003 R2 (32-Bit x86)
Windows Server 2003 R2 x64 editions
Windows Server 2008
Windows Vista Service Pack 1
Windows Vista Service Pack 2
Windows XP Service Pack 3


1. PowerPoint viewer is free to read on Windows computer.

2. It does not support editing functions.

3. It does not support Microsoft Office 2013 and 1995.

4. PowerPoint Viewer opens supported presentation file types only if a version of PowerPoint is not installed on the PC that is being used. If PowerPoint is installed, it opens the presentation and PowerPoint Viewer is not used.

Part 3. PowerPoint to Video Converter – Open PowerPoint in video

If you use Mac, or want to view PowerPoint files on your iPad or Android phone, at this point, you may get stuck. Moreover, if you do not have the internet connection, you will find the online PPT viewer is not available. So the easiest way to open and read your slideshow is to convert your PowerPoint files into a video, which lets you view your PowerPoint files on the go. PowerPoint to Video Converter is the exact tool.

  • Convert PowerPoint to DVD and video on Windows 64 bit or 32 bit.
  • Support various PowerPoint file formats, like *.ppt, *.pptx, *.pptm, *.ppsx, *.pps, *.ppsm, *.potx, *.pot, *.potm, *.odp, etc.
  • Support all PowerPoint version like 2016, 2013, 2012, 2010, 2007, etc.
  • Add your narration to your PowerPoint files.

Step 1 After installation, you need to launch this tool on your computer, and choose 'Convert into Videos'.

Step 2 Click 'Add PPT File(s)' > 'Next' to select 'Converting Mode' and 'Video Settings'. Here you can choose MP4, MOV, AVI, or other video formats.

Step 3 Click 'Start' to convert PowerPoint to video so you can get any PowerPoint viewer on your Mac, or iPad.

Till now, all PowerPoint viewers have been shared here. You can choose the best one viewer according to your situation to read PowerPoint files.


This page collects the best 4 PowerPoint viewers for Windows, Mac and online users. You can easily open a PowerPoint file without PowerPoint app. Moreover, you can view the PowerPoint files in the form of video on your any device.

Which one is the best one? Now, it is your turn to leave your comments below.

Part 4. FAQs of PowerPoint Viewer

Simple home remedies. What is PowerPoint show format?

PPSX is the extension for a PowerPoint show. It saves presentations as a slideshow. When you double-click it, it opens in Slide Show view rather than Normal view.

How do I convert a PPTX file to PDF?

If you want to make your PPTX file universal, converting PowerPoint presentation to PDF is a good solution. Open the PPTX file in PowerPoint 2010 or later, and click File > Save As > This PC (Computer). Type file name and select PDF from the drop-down list of Save as type. Then click the Save button to convert PPTX file to PDF.


How do I format all images in PowerPoint?

Open the PowerPoint file and select the images. On the Format tab, you can select to crop images, add frame, change color or brightness, add effects, and even compress pictures in PowerPoint.

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Backstage view is not akin to other PowerPoint views such asSlide Sorter view orNormal view that relate to working with slides.In fact, Backstage view is not a view in those terms, because you can be using Normal view (to work with slides) andBackstage view (to work with options) at the same time. Consider Backstage view as an over-sized menu that gives you access to manyoptions.


In PowerPoint 365 for Mac, Backstage view andPresentation Gallery are one and thesame for most purposes, except the way they are accessed. Let us explore existing features within Backstage view.

To access Backstage view, click the Home icon, which is placed at towards the extreme left of theQuick Access Toolbar, as shown highlighted inred within Figure 1, below.

Figure 1: Home icon in QAT

No Home Icon in Quick Access Toolbar?

By default, the Home icon is the first icon on the Quick Access Toolbar. However, if yourQuick Access Toolbar is customized, you may not see the Home icon in the leftmost position, or it mayhave been removed.

Alternatively, select the File New from Template menu option as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: New from Template option

Either of the above options brings up Backstage view, as shown in Figure 3. Backstage view ismainly used for creating, opening, and saving files, and connecting and removing services.

Figure 3: PowerPoint 365 for Mac Backstage view

Options within the Backstage view are explained below, as marked in Figure 3 above:

A. Account

Launches a window that provides your User Information and details of services connected to PowerPoint. These services show up asPlaces to open and save files, as explained in our Add Places in PowerPointtutorial. You can learn more about options in the Account tab in ourAccount Option in Backstage View in PowerPoint tutorial.

B. Home

In this section, you can quickly access the Themes and recently opened PowerPoint files. You can learn more about options inthe New tab in ourNew Tab of Backstage View in PowerPoint 365 for Mactutorial.

C. New

This section provides quick access to the templates as shown in Figure 3. You can learn more about options in the New tab in our New Tab of Backstage View in PowerPoint 365 for Mac tutorial.

D. Recent

Xlsx File Viewer For Mac

Here, you will see the list of recent presentations.

E. Shared

Here, you will see the list of files others have shared with you. When someone shares a PowerPoint file with you that file automaticallyappears in this section. Just double-click to download and open the file.

F. Open


Pptx File Opener Mac

This option, when selected brings up the Open pane. Here you have to select a location from where you can open files. You can learn more about options in the Open tab in our Open and Close Tabs of Backstage View in PowerPoint 365 for Mac tutorial.