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Cortana helps you remember what's important by setting reminders for the right time and by helping you organize your lists in Microsoft To Do.

Reminders & Important Info  Miss E. Mac's Classic

Kung fu 2. You can create a reminder with Cortana in Windows by saying, 'Set a reminder.' Note, however, that you will only be able to receive a reminder notification on a Windows device if you created the reminder on that device.

Reminders & Important Info miss E. Mac

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Sep 01, 2016 How to create photo reminders using Cortana. If you use a Windows 10 tablet, Windows phone, Android device, or an iPhone, you can quickly take a picture of a product label, shopping list that. A: something that calls a memory or thought to the mind a picture that's a reminder of happier times There were reminders of him everywhere. Whenever she heard music, or when she played the guitar he had given her, Felicity thought of her grandfather's gravelly voice singing along, happily out of tune.

Edit reminders: You can edit your reminders in the Microsoft To Do app on your phone or PC.

Cancel a reminder: To cancel a reminder you’ve already created, go to the Microsoft To Do app on your phone or PC. You can delete it from there. To cancel a reminder while you’re creating it, just say “Cancel” at any time.

Set a recurring time reminder: To set a recurring reminder, tell Cortana exactly when you want to be reminded, and how often. For example, you can say “Hey Cortana, remind me every Tuesday at 6:30 PM to take out the trash.”

Changes to Cortana reminders:If you previously were accustomed to setting reminders on your Invoke speaker or in the Cortana mobile app, use the Microsoft To Do app on your phone or PC instead.

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  • Note: If you previously created reminders using the Cortana mobile app, they will continue to work until the reminder service is completely turned off on September 21, 2020. If you would like to export the data for any reminders you've previously created, you can do so using the Microsoft privacy dashboard. Sign in with the account you used to set up Cortana and then select 'Download your data.'