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The weapon with higher average damage should therefore be in the mainhand. That being said, several abilities are different. Yesterday I simmed an outlaw Rogue with a low level dagger (fast) and a high level mace (slow) that had better DPS with the dagger in the mainhand thanks to the mastery and pistol shot. WEAR SAVIOR SWORD ON OFF-HAND! This should not be the main hand weapon. Like me, it’s good to have at least total 60% mana regen. On your gear and cluster jewels for leap slam. If that’s not possible for some reasons, there are two alternatives: 1) non-channeling skill mana cost reduction in crafting bench (amulet and ring).

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Stability or flowability? Honigum Pro is a champion in both disciplines.

The precision VPS-material enables unparalleled flowability under pressure - AND outstanding stability when pressure is not applied. Even the smallest spaces such as the area beneath the preparation line are reliably reached, also in moist conditions.

The mechaniccomputer hardware blog. In combination with the outstanding toughness that ensures effective removal, Honigum Pro reliably delivers maximum precision impressions. Even for prosthetic implant restorations.

An additional feature facilitates conveniently long working times combined with a short intraoral setting time called 'Snap-Set' technology.

Stays where you need it - flowable when you want it.

Stability on the one hand - flowability on the other? In this respect, DMG's premium impression material Honigum Pro does not compromise. The result: maximum precision, no-mess handling. No drips during insertion, no inadvertent material run-off – either from the preparation or from the impression tray.
This is made possible by the developed internal structure of the material, the 'rheologically active matrix'.

Uniquely beneficial: the rheologically active matrix.

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Honigum Pro's unique chemistry developed by DMG enables unparalleled flowability under pressure - AND outstanding stability when force is not applied. That means: Honigum Pro flows when it needs to flow. And that's all.
This allows even the smallest areas to be reliably reached, also in moist conditions.

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If no 'pressure' (scientifically speaking: 'shear force') is applied, Honigum Pro offers excellent stability.
The material remains at the application site without any run-off.
This is enabled by the special crystalline structure that no other material can offer.

Superior results in moist conditions.
Impression materials must be able to handle moisture. Flow behavior in the moist sulcus environment plays a crucial role in the accuracy of the impression - and thus in the quality of the restoration**.

Of the impression materials tested, Honigum Pro Heavy in combination with Honigum Pro Light demonstrates the best flow behavior in the moist conditions of the area of the subgingival preparation line in an artificial sulcus. The reason: The combination of improved hydrophilic properties and unique rheological behavior.

And that's not all. The new Honigum Pro material also scores highly in terms of toughness and convenient processing.

Source 1: Internal DMG measurements, data on file. 2011, Source 2: Prof. B. Wostmann, Poliklinik fur Zahnarztliche Prothetik, Justus-Liebig University, Giessen, Germany.
Internal report (2011), DMG, Germany

Clear benefits in daily routine.

Effective removal thanks to extreme toughness.

An impression that tears when it is removed from the mouth is a wasted impression. It costs the dentist time and money – and is stressful for the patient. In order to prevent impression-taking from being repeated unnecessarily, a correction impression material should above all offer good tear strength and elongation at break.


The combination of these two important factors is scientifically known as toughness.

Tear strength + elongation at break = toughness

Ultimately it is this characteristic that ensures effective removal and thus plays a crucial role in the final restoration result. When measured*, Honigum Pro achieves the best toughness values of all the materials tested.

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Convenient processing thanks to 'Snap-Set' technology.
Generous working time, even while still in the mouth, while at the same time offering a conveniently short intraoral setting time: that's the unbeatable combination provided by DMG's »Snap-Set« technology. The convenient working time reduces stress to a minimum. Distortions due to the material already setting are prevented, and inaccuracies as a result of micro movements reduced thanks to faster cross linking.
Benefit for the patient:
Shorter intraoral setting time and thus significantly greater comfort during treatment.
Benefit for the dentist: Work is more relaxed and reliable – even intraorally, despite the short intraoral setting time. This is because viscosity remains constant for a longer period.

* Internal DMG measurements, 2010, data on file

Particularly suited to implant impressions

In implant prosthetics in particular, impressions have an important role to play.

The position of the impression posts must be meticulously recorded and registered. The precise transfer of the oral situation to the working model is critical in fabricating a supraconstruction that offers an exact fit – and in ensuring that the implant fits perfectly in the patient's mouth.

Why Honigum Pro?

The special structure offers an optimum combination of stability with outstanding flowability. As a result, the material flows particularly well around the impression posts and transfer caps – but nevertheless reliably remains at the application site.

Thanks to the rapid setting behavior and high final hardness, particularly with Honigum Pro Heavy, the impression posts and transfer caps are reliably secured. This enables torsion to be avoided.
With Honigum Pro, gingival structures are reproduced in detail. This ensures harmonious placement of the prosthetic implant within the gingival contour.

The fast versions of Honigum Pro shorten treatment times even further, and are thus particularly suited to implant impression-taking.

Which technique should be used with which material?

In the case of combined restorations comprised of implants and prepared teeth,the combination of Honigum Pro Heavy and Honigum Pro Light is recommended with the double-mixing technique.
If only implants are used, Honigum Pro-Heavy is also suitable as a monophase impression material.

Honigum Pro-Light

High-precision, VPS-based correction impression material

  • Intelligent flow properties and extraordinary stability
  • Excellent hydrophilic properties
  • Finest details are recorded
  • Very high toughness

Honigum Pro-Mono

Monophase VPS-based impression material

  • Precision in just a single step
  • Easy and effective removal
  • Highly hydrophilic and superior flow behavior
  • Precise reproduction of the preparation line
  • Very high tear strength

Honigum Pro-Heavy

Should i have higher dmg in off hand sanitizer

VPS-based pre-impression material

Should I Have Higher Dmg In Off Hand Cleaner

  • High final hardness
  • Convenient insertion resistance
  • Easy and effective removal
  • Consistently homogeneous material quality without bubbles

Honigum Pro-Putty

Precision, VPS-based impression material with the consistency of putty

  • Outstanding recovery after deformation
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Can be shaped by hand

Honigum Pro Scan

impressions of all kinds, such as crowns and bridge impressions, inlay and onlay impressions for any excess impressions (e.g. implants), fixation of impression posts and transfer copings

  • Scannable: All Honigum Pro advantages are also available for digital workflow
  • Cost effective, easy, precise