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  1. Tutorials and Tips. Share your woodturning tutorials, tips, and techniques here.
  2. Getting Started In this tutorial, I will show you how to make five wedding cookies: a Wedding Gown with piped details that look like beautiful folds of fabric, a Diamond Ring embellished with gold accents and a cluster of roses, a beautiful Flower Bouquet (using an apple tree cookie cutter!), a Bride and Groom.
  3. See what you can achieve with NewBlue solutions. Check out our library of tutorials and video walkthroughs.
Whether it's removing camera shake or tracking a camera's movement, After Effects has you covered. You can apply a variety of techniques to smooth out the camera movement in a shot, using the After Effects Warp Stabilizer VFX effect, and track the camera to add objects into a scene realistically. Rich Harrington shows you how in this installment of After Effects Guru.
Over the course of 9 video lessons and many painting demonstrations, award-winning fine artist and plein air painter, John Burton, will share with you his extensive knowledge and expertise gained through decades of traveling and plein air painting in amazing scenarios and locales around the world. John meticulously crafted these lessons to be as helpful to a seasoned veteran as to someone who is just getting their feet wet.
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A Step-by-Step Editing Course from Pro Hollywood Editors

Crochet Dishcloth Tutorials (2) Designer Interviews (78) Dyeing (11) Fair Isle Knitting (6) Felting (6) Finishing (41) Getting Started (33) Casting On (13) Gauge (3) Needles (9) Yarn Selection (8) Go Your Own Way Socks Toe Up (8) Go Your Own Way Socks Top Down (9) Inspiration (32) Knit Beginner Blanket Class (11) Knitted Dishcloth Tutorials (4. Tutorials Legal Information Pleasant Sims is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.


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This course is designed to help you learn about quaternions and matrices in a way that'll get you understanding things quickly. In addition to the free quick tips, we also go over defining custom rotational matrices, how to use the copy-to-points sop, troubleshooting techniques, blending rotation, the comparisons between euler/quaternion rotations, multiple workflow examples, and how to use various functions related to utilizing data when
Pyro II Flames & Sparse Pyro is a course designed to help you create beautiful looking flames. This course includes a wide variety of useful resources, workflow demonstrations, and scene files that are guaranteed to set you in the right direction when it comes to creating fire that looks great.
This course is focused on taking your vex abilities to the professional level. You'll be learning about conditional statements, arrays, for-loops, while-loops, do-loops, and foreach-loops in a way that's both thorough and accessible .
Learn practical tips and tricks for the entire process for motion tracking with Cinema 4D and After Effects. Get familiar with how to shoot, track, and composite. Learn how to use Redshift and C4D's Physical Renderer with R20's motion tracker to composite 3D renders onto your video footage.
In this lesson I will walk you through the steps to begin 3D modeling within SketchUp free version in your browser (no downloads required).

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In this class we`ll use Cinema 4D and Redshift for creating loopable animation of glass geometry. We`ll use a mogpraph effector for simplifying anumation process, work with animation curves, with lights and of course materials and render.

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Skin shading isn’t new to the Blender Cookie training catalogue. But it is new to the Cycles rendering engine! So that’s why we’re revisiting the topic again. Besides, skin shading is such a difficult thing to get right that’s it’s a good idea to revisit occasionally from a new perspective.