The Tamimac G4


Thank you for signing up! Your email has been successfully added to the list. Brace design Understanding the DAFO Tami2. Cascade Dafo, Inc. Owner/founder Don Buethorn, CPO, explains the DAFO Tami2 orthosis. The DAFO Tami2 is a custom-fabricated, articulated AFO with Tamarack hinges (straight or dorsi-assist). The Total Ammunition Management Information System (TAMIS) is the Department of the Army system for managing operational, training and test munitions.

The Tamimac G4

PF block

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The Tamimac G4s

Palm pro cordless screwdriver. Browse the DAFO Tami2 in the Cascade Library

Key Features

The Tamimac G410

Custom fabricated from cast
Fully integrated padding
Thin polyethylene inner liner
to comfortably correct and/or maintain foot alignment. Our Softy foam or OP Flex liner are available as alternatives to the polyethylene. Note: This two-part orthosis can also be ordered without the inner liner--for those with patients who have a stable, neutral foot position but need lightweight sagittal plane control.
Posterior upright features a standard PF stop block
also available with adjustable plantarflexion stop, or with a free ankle
Straight or dorsi-assist hinge
Tamarack Flexure Joints in 75, 85, or 95 durometer resistance. And in pediatric, adult medium, and adult strong sizes. Adjustable FC2 hinge available (at additional cost).
Defined plantar surface contours


  • Need medial and lateral stability to help control excess pronation or supination.
  • Exhibit strong excess plantarflexion or knee hyperextension.
  • Would benefit from dorsi-assist during swing phase.

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The Tamimac G400

Learn more about pediatric bracing.