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Tidal also offers apps for Mac and PC. They recreate the mobile interface for desktop well, and are slimmer and easier to navigate than iTunes, which feels bloated in comparison. TIDAL is fully integrated in the latest versions of djay for Mac, Windows, and iOS. Availability may vary depending on country. Don't seem to be able to find a definitive answer, but maybe I haven't looked hard enough. I'm streaming Tidal HiFi – FLAC 1411 kbps Lossless (16/44.1 khz) – files over Airplay from 2013 Macbook Pro (Sierra 10.12.1) to M-CR611 Melody Media. UPDATE 14-Feb-2017 MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) Tracks. You could call Tidal the Spotify for audiophiles. The music streaming service owned by Jay-Z and a variety of other successful music artists distinguishes itself by offering uncompressed (lossless) 16-bit 44kHz audio quality and a selection of MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) albums in 24-bit up to 192kHz to its subscribers if you.

TIDAL for Mac is the desktop version of the well-known music streaming platform that lets you listen to thousands of songs on your Mac. With an elegantly-designed interface, you'll find tons of playlists and songs for every moment of the day.
Just like what happens with similar platforms like Spotify, you can create your playlists and save all your favorite tunes. This is a great option if you want to have quick access to specific songs you love. TIDAL offers excellent sound quality and all the content you play comes with official licenses from the artists.
From the side panel in TIDAL for Mac, you can also find a tab where you can explore all different types of artists. In this section you can discover new songs and groups that you've never even heard of before. Best of all, the platform is known for offering concerts and videos of other musical shows that you can enjoy from an audiovisual perspective.
TIDAL for Mac is an ideal solution if you want easy access to all the music you love and a way to discover new groups and artists. With its simple interface, you won't have any problems playing each song and even adapting the sound quality to your particular needs.

Tidal is a subscription-based music streaming service that offers a catalog of over 60 million songs to its members. It distinguishes itself from its rivals by focusing on providing higher-quality streaming and putting artists first. With a HiFi subscription, you can stream a million tracks in FLAC at 1411kbps, which is a lossless, CD-quality format, allowing us to enjoy our favorite tunes with the best audio quality. But not all the time we can go online or with a stable network to stream music. That’s why we need to keep some Tidal playlists downloaded so that they're still playable even when we're offline.

Although Tidal supports downloading music for offline playback without WiFi or mobile data, our access is still limited within its app. Due to Tidal HiFi music can be only downloaded to our mobile devices - We can’t even save Tidal music to our Mac/Windows computer or share music with other devices. This is where Tidabie Tidal Music Converter comes in. Once downloaded music with such an amazing tool, our favorite songs are always available to us — even if we enter an area without mobile data or no Wi-Fi.

In the following article, let’s have a look at some of the key features of the Tidabie Tidal Music Converter and how to use this wonderful program to download music tracks from Tidal on a Mac computer step by step.

Tool Required - Tidabie Tidal Music Converter

Tidabie Tidal Music Converter is a desktop application that allows Tidal subscribers to download and convert tracks to MP3, AAC, WAV or FLAC format. It has built-in with the Tidal Music player where you can directly listen to the music tracks. Moreover, this wonderful tool is dedicated to downloading Tidal music with ID3 tags kept, as well as keeping original audio quality (including HiFi audio quality), offering Tidal subscribers a great experience to enjoy music offline.

Key Features of Tidabie Tidal Music Converter

Tidal Music Converter

  • Download Tidal music HiFi Audio Quality.
  • Convert Tidal tracks to MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC format.
  • Convert Tidal album or playlist at 10X speed.
  • Keep ID3 tags after conversion.
  • Free updates & technical support.

Tidal for mac

Tutorial: How to Download HiFi Tidal Music to MP3 on Mac?

With Tidal Music Converter, you can save your Tidal music as MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC fils on your Mac computer with only 4 easy steps. Here’s the step-by-step tutorial:

Step 1Download and Launch Tidal Music Converter.


Click the above “Download” button to download the trial version of the Tidabie Tidal Music Converter for Mac and install it. Then Launch it and log in to your Tidal account.

Step 2Choose the Output Format and Customize the Output Path

Click the 'Settings' button on the upper right corner. Here you can choose the output format (MP3, AAC, WAV or FLAC) & customize the output path. Besides, you can organize the output files by Artist, Album, Artist/Album, or Album/Artist.

Download Tidal For Mac

Step 3Import Tidal Music

Go to a playlist, artist or album, then click the musical note icon to view the list of tracks you can download. The button is located at the right-side panel for macOS.

Step 4Save Tidal Music to Computer

Tidal For Mac System Requirements

Tick the songs you want to download then tap the 'Convert' button to start saving them to your local Mac computer. Cc 1 corinthians notes online lutheran bible study. Once the download is complete, you can click the 'History' icon to find and play the well-downloaded Tidal music.