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As a landowner or have leased property and want to get involved helping “Share a Smile” let us know. Our programs are made possible due to generous landowners. More Info


The president's son, Donald Trump Jr., also shared the fake cure video. His Twitter account was temporarily suspended. 'Tweets with the video are in violation of our COVID-19 misinformation. The band’s first promo video, ‘A Forest’ sees a very different Robert Smith to the one most fans picture when they think of Cure videos. The Cure were allegedly very anti-image to begin with, until. CROSS STREET SPORTS IS THE OFFICIAL VIDEO PARTNER OF LAX FOR THE CURE. Link to Fall 2020 Film / Highlight Reel Packages.

The Cure's official video for the single Let's go to Bed, off the albums Japanese Whispers and Standing on a Beach. Donald Trump claimed in a new video released on Wednesday evening to have found a “cure” for coronavirus even though he was talking about a drug he was given to lessen the disease, which left.

As a 100% volunteer organization, volunteers play an integral role in “Sharing Smiles.” From fundraisers to guiding hunts, the experiences shared are priceless. More Info

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Sharing Smiles Partners play a vital role in helping us meet our mission of “Sharing a Smile” with a child fighting cancer and serving families at a time when they need it most. More Info

This group came into our lives in November when we needed them the most. We attended our first hunt with them not knowing what to expect. Our daughter was still going through treatment, very shy and did not want to talk about it to anyone. They make it all about the kids. The kids are in control and there is not talk about sickness or treatments. We left that weekend with amazing group of friends, we call family. We laugh and cry with each other. We celebrate the good news and hurt with the bad. We are so blessed to have them all in our lives.
Prior to HFTC Turkey Hunt this year our marriage was on life support. I was a shell of a person going thru what I did with my parents, but something happened at that hunt. Spending a weekend in God's country with people that knew exactly what we had been through changed everything. They understood the demons we were facing and yet .. even surrounded by cancer everybody enjoyed life and made the best of the situation. On our eight hour drive home my husband and I made a decision that cancer may have taken a lot from us, but we were NOT letting it take our marriage.
Video For The Cure
The volunteers with Hunting For The Cure go above and beyond for kids with cancer. It's just hard to believe. They are so GREAT!

Video The Cure

Words cannot express what each and everyone of these people mean to our family. We are so extremely BLESSED to be a part of the HFTC family. I can honestly say the love that has been poured out on our Little Warrior and out entire family is immeasurable. The volunteers with this organization are such special people, you can see the love they have for our children in EVERYTHING they do!
It's AWESOME to have found a group of people that helps children and families in so many ways! It's not your job but your choice to help. It's the determination, love, compassion, and courage that HFTC family shows that's untouchable and words cannot describe! Tears roll down my face because of what you did for my son and other children who might not get to experience the outdoors or have another tomorrow. Y'all are touching hearts of angels and families in a way that's unimaginable. And for that I am grateful and blessed that my son and family are a part of the HFTC family.

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