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Cisco Webex is the leading enterprise solution for video conferencing, webinars, and screen sharing. Web conferencing, online meeting, cloud calling and equipment. The Network-Based Recorder available on Webex for Mac allows users to capture screen activity along with audio on a Webex Meeting Center recording server. After making the selection the server processes the data recorded, then sends the recording file to your personal recording folder on your Webex service site. Webex Meeting Center is an efficient tool which allows professionals the ability to collaborate and move their projects forward quicker. The intuitive system allows teams of varying size to work in a digital office space through a browser, mobile, or video integration.

  1. Webex App For Mac
  2. Webex Tool For Mac Osx
  3. Webex Tool For Mac Os

Students, faculty, and staff can install the Webex desktop app on their computers; if needed in the future, users can uninstall Webex.

This guide will walk you through installing the Desktop App and also the Webex Removal Tool. You can review the second half of this page for the removal process.

While you do not have to install the desktop application in order to join a Webex session, ITS recommends that Hosts install and use this application to have access to the full suite of Host controls.

  1. Download the Webex Desktop App.
    For instructions on downloading the mobile app, review the article, Setting up the Webex mobile App.
  2. You can install Webex on both Windows and Mac computers.
    1. For Windows:
      1. Open the installer file that you just downloaded.
      2. If you are a UConn user and have a NetID, you can proceed with this article. Enter your UConn email when prompted to do so.

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        If you do not have a NetID, you do not need to follow the steps in this article. You can enter your personal email and simply follow the on-screen installer instructions.
      3. If you are asked which Webex site you would like to use, enter: uconn-cmr.webex.com
      4. If you run into any of the errors shown below, click Yes. You can click on any of these images to enlarge them as needed.

      5. Sign in using your NetID and NetID password.

    2. For mac OS:
      1. Download the Webex app.
      2. Open the .pkg file you downloaded.

      3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
        • If you are asked which Webex site you would like to use, enter: uconn-cmr.webex.com
  3. Review the article, Hosting a Webex Meeting Using the Desktop App for more information about using the Desktop App user interface.

Webex Removal Tool

  • Removing the desktop application will not affect your account.
  • Removal will not affect any settings or any meetings, past, present, or future, in your account.
  • You can use the Webex website interface until you re-download the Desktop App.
Webex Tool For Mac

To proceed,

Webex App For Mac

  1. Run the Removal Tool below. You do not need to uninstall it first.
    1. For Windows:
      1. Download the Webex Removal tool.
      2. When you open the file you downloaded, a Command prompt will appear.
      3. Enter the letter y.
      4. Press Enter to begin the Removal Process.
      5. While this tool is working, you will see many lines of text scrolling through the window. It may pause a couple times, then continue scrolling.
      6. The Command Prompt will close when it is finished.
    2. For mac OS:
      1. Download the Webex Removal tool.
      2. Open the .dmg file you downloaded.
        • The file will run by itself.
  2. Use the first half of this article to reinstall the Desktop App.

Webex Tool For Mac Osx

For help with the procedures in this article, contact Audio Visual Technology Support at [email protected].

Webex Tool For Mac Os

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