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For: WindowsWindows 8 and 10 (desktop and metro!), Windows 7, VISTA, XP
Our latest version 4.0.6. Speech is automatically included in this download, so you don't need to worry.
Word prediction software freeFree word prediction software for pc

My favorite Free Word Prediction Software for Windows: Lightkey is one of my favorite word prediction software as it works with multiple applications and comes with its own writing application too. It provides a lot of handy features including selection of prediction categories, neural network prediction technology, spelling correction.

  • Word prediction software is a program that improves a user's typing speed and accuracy by 'predicting' and 'auto-completing' words the user intends to type. Most word prediction software works in all applications, such as a word processor or a web browser.
  • When you launch the application, you are prompted to input your name, select a typing style, specify prediction languages and choose from a broad range of prediction categories and subcategories.
Word prediction software free
For: WindowsXP
SoothSayer 3.0 users had an old copy prection scheme that we're no longer supporting. Current users of SoothSayer 3.0.0 need to download this version to upgrade their 3.0.0 to 3.0.2 . This is a free upgrade. Comeback to our website to license SoothSayer.

SoothSayer Word Prediction
SoothSayer is our affordable and easy-to-use word predictor that is packed with features.
Over the years, we've received many compliments about our user interface because it is so easy to use and intuitive. Don't take our word for it, download the SoothSayer demo and see for yourself.
SoothSayer can be used anywhere you type text: email, word processing, social networks, instant messaging.

  • Customizable Colors/Fonts
  • Auto-Show
  • Abbreviation Expansion
  • Varying Dictionary Levels
  • User Dictionaries
  • ..much, much more!
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Word Prediction Software Free
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Word prediction software can help a user during word processing by “predicting” a word the user intends to type. Apigee rest api design pdf. Predictions are based on spelling, syntax, and frequent/recent use. This prompts kids who struggle with writing to use proper spelling, grammar, and word choices, with fewer keystrokes.

What type(s) of learning difficulty do these tools address?

This type of tool benefits people who struggle with: writing.

Word Prediction Software Free Trial

Products to Consider:

Word Prediction Software Free

  • Co:Writer SOLO
  • SpeakQ (integrates multiple AT techniques)

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Free Word Prediction Software For Pc

Updated: March 8, 2016